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Its been some time since the Suffolk Gazette, Sag Harbor NY, began publishing the news in 1804. Since then, Long Island has been a fair amount of news sources. One distinct difference between the news then and the news now is how the news is syndicated. Long since the days of horse mounted Post Riders technology has, only in the last 10 years, replaced how individuals get the news.

The Long Island Technology News Engine uses numerous different news sources. These news sources are available for individual viewing below.

Technology has made news interactive and increasingly fluid. Technology increases the velocity of newsworthy information. Technology has done for today’s News Sources as the Printing Press has done for Monks writing manuscripts. The technology team at LI Tech News has plans to further this trend.

The Long Island Technology News Engine uses several different information sources. These news sources are available for individual viewing below.

‘Nulla nuova, buona nuova’James Howell (1640)

neIndividual News Source are listed below. The individual information sources, as long as certain conditions are met, include a color coded charts. This chart indicates each individual news source’s average sentiment across all respective articles. Currently, there are five emotional segments that are analyzed – Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy & Sadness. You can view a summary of each News Sources emotional sentiments by clicking on a specific News Source’s link below.

We add new features, new news sources and other updates & improvements constantly.

If you would like to become a news source then please contact us here.

The following is a list of our current News Sources.

News Source: LI Tech News Robot
News Source: Stonybrook University
News Source: Vicon Industries