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Gamification of Algebra through Calculus with Math Trip

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WHAT? The Math Trip app is the very first gamification of algebra through calculus – a revolutionary, step-by-step and individualized journey from Algebra City to Calculus Island – invented by a HS math teacher who developed this curriculum for his classroom for over 15 years. There are six destinations total, and each one teaches a vital subject on the way to calculus. This curriculum was used in an actual public HS classroom for over 10 years with incredible success: Every student gets their own answer so copying is impossible; Students were consistently engaged in working on the curriculum. Math Trip is perfect for the classroom, but can also be done at home on a mobile devi... Read More
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Lessons Learned for Entrepreneurs

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Tuesday May 10th 12pm to 2pm AGENDA 12:00pm:  Registration and Pizza 12:15pm: Financing for Entrepreneurs and Startups Do you need assistance with funding in order to be competitive and/or expand your business venture? This presentation by Roslyn Goldmacher will provide valuable advice on how to access government resources available to small business and startups on Long Island. Roslyn D. Goldmacher is an attorney and entrepreneur who ran her own boutique law firm here on LI specializing in representation of credit unions and non bank commercial lenders. While still running her law firm, Roz founded the Long Island Development Corporation famil... Read More
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Manufacturing Innovation Conference Scheduled at LaunchPad

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Hosted By: The Workforce Development Institute & LaunchPad Huntington Introducing: The release of the first Annual Manufacturers Technology Employment White Paper (produced in cooperation with Citizens for Long Island’s Manufacturing and Business “CLIMB”) Event Goal: To showcase the latest technology used and the associated tech career opportunities in Long Island Manufacturing.  The event will help build a comprehensive understanding about tech workforce needs in this sector for Educators, Guidance Counselors, Parents, Media, workforce development professionals and the workforce itself so they can better unify around a common goal of significant job growt... Read More
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MarryMapp Helps Couples Stay On-Track, On-Time and On-Budget

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WHAT: MarryMapp is the first and only budget planner designed uniquely for weddings. We offer brides and grooms a simple, intuitive way to organize their budget and expenses. Our mission is to help couples stay on-budget by providing them with personalized spending advice, mobile alerts, spend tracking and social sharing. WHY: Last year, more than half of all the weddings in the United States went overbudget and most couples find that managing their budget is the most stressful part of their wedding planning experience. MarryMapp couples find support, advice and flexibility with our product. HOW: We use a machinelearning engine to generate personalized recommendations for how to spend... Read More
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SlipFinder App Allows Same Day Slip Booking

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WHAT: SlipFinder is a mobile application that allows marinas to list their vacant transient slips. Boaters can purchase these transient slips in real-time. WHY: One of the biggest headaches experienced by boaters is the arduous process of reserving a marina slip, particularly on short notice. Boaters like to spend the day on the water and cruise to different ports. And boaters experience the frustration of being unable to find a transient slip for their boat. The SlipFinder app allows boaters to book a slip at a participating marina from their smartphone or tablet, in real time. ... Read More
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LaunchPad Great Neck Ready for Lift-Off

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LaunchPad Great Neck, a 10,000+ sq ft New York State-certified incubator, opened on March 29, 2016. This video shows the Before & After work put into this magnificent coworking space and business incubator where entrepreneurs will take their ideas to the next level! To tour any of the 5 LaunchPad locations contact or call 855-8-LAUNCH... Read More
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Vonotes, a notes taking community, to Exhibit at Pitch Island

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WHAT: Vonotes is a note taking community that believes in sharing with others. Its platform provides a place for students to take, organize and share their notes and files with other members. Vonotes’ main goal is to supply students and professors with a place where they feel comfortable storing notes. ... Read More
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Long Island’s BIGGEST Tech Job Fair is back June 20th

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The Long Island Tech Job Fair is a one-day Tech-Focused Job Fair created specifically to connect talented tech job seekers with Long Island companies’ seeking to fill well over 150+ technology-related positions. We created an event that benefits the Long Island tech community and allows companies of all sizes the opportunity to directly recruit from Long Island’s talent pool of software engineers, UX & UI designers, growth hackers, iOS developers, data scientists, web developers, digital marketing (SEO/SEM/Social/eMail), Channel Development Manager, Engineers and beyond! Here are some pictures from last year – ... Read More
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Polarity surpasses 560,000 downloads in over 160 Countries and the Founder is a Teen

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WHAT:  The goal of Polarity Browser is to provide a fast, efficient, and private browsing experience from everyone from low end devices to high end workstations. WHY: We live in a world where education is power. Sadly, many children cannot access the necessary tools in order to achieve an adequate education. The majority of computers in countries such as Nigeria, Liberia, Zimbabwe and Burundi are old, used and have insignificant RAM. Browsers such as Google Chrome can only work with computers with high RAM. HOW: Polarity uses 100 MB less RAM per tab than Google Chrome. Tab pausing (shutting off inactive tabs to save power) and Night mode allows users to use less b... Read More
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4th Annual Comptroller’s Entrepreneurial Challenge

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Today was the 4th Annual Comptroller’s Entrepreneurial Challenge hosted by Nassau County’s Comptroller George Maragos at the Nassau County Executive Building in Mineola. Hundreds of Nassau County High School students competed by “Pitching” their business ideas to Long Island business leaders… Some of the student teams competing were: Massage U – Massapequa Laugh n’ Learn – Valley Stream Quest Help – New Hyde Park Polarity – Hicksville Chip In – Baldwin Safe-Touch Firearms Clean and Fresh – North Shore Hebrew Academy Safe Guard – M... Read More