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… so then we thought: “Why don’t we just make a robot that reads all of this news for us?” So then we wrote some software & thought some more …


There have been several enhancements within the Computer Science arena over the last ten years. This is due, in part, to the availability of exponentially faster processing power and, as well, the creation of software libraries and enhanced algorithms.

Some identified technologies include the following:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning using Tensor (Flow) Networks.
  • Greater Efficiency of Least-Cost Locality & other Traveling Salesman class of problems.
  • Quantum Computing… Well, maybe one day soon.

These powerful technologies can be combined in new and meaningful ways. We’re working on these technologies here.

With over 90 LI News Sources now get sorted, and tagged, automatically based upon previous news content, identified keywords, and short phrases. A one stop shop where fewer clicks allow more tricks.

Technical Milestones

We do anticipate many challenges and achieve many milestones while we refine & develop this project further. The following line items are highlights.

  1. Identify existing Long Island Technology New Sources and store them for processing. *
  2. Contextually categorize individual stories automatically by using a basic form of Natural Language Processing. *
  3. Identify specific keywords and terms that are important to the intended audience. Take these keywords and terms to tag individual news items. *
  4. Trend & behavioral analysis with news stories and user interactions with them. This will provide meaningful statistics to increase the value of the User Experience and provide the highest quality content heuristically.*
  5. Facial & Object recognition on Images processed by the LITechNews system. News Articles are now using meta tagging by Detected Object (Ex: Automated Teller Machine, Demonstration or Pedestrian Crossing) or by Facial Recognition (Ex: Al Gore, Donald Trump, Tim Cook or Vladamir Putin). This software has analyzed thousands of images thus far and we will keep integrating this new layer of meta-data.

…. and a few other ideas that currently live on a white board.

Contact the Team here for additional information of if you believe you can contribute.

Intended Results

Some of these Technical Milestones are already implemented and are being analyzed, updated and tested here. Other identified milestones are being researched & tested so that additional features can, as well, be field tested here.

We encourage you to help us. Here are a few examples how you can do that.

  1. Liking & Following LITechNews & our sister twitter account LITechNewsPosts.
  2. Tell your colleagues, friends, loved ones & fellow nerds about what we’re doing here!
  3. If you have technical experience with technologies such as OpenAI, TensorFlow, Keras, Theano or are interested in Machine/Deep Learning systems then we want to speak with you.

LI Tech News Statistics

LI Tech News Launch Date: October 7th, 2016
Total News Articles Processed: 142661
Total Article Summaries: 20996
Total Articles Analyzed by NLP: 115141
Total Images Facially Recognized: 15449
Total Images Visually Itemized: 59016
Total Posts Analyzed for Geographic Data (GIS Extraction): 141874
Average Posts Per Day: 351

Ever since the launch of LI Tech News in early October 2016, we’ve been increasing and refining the capabilities of this solutions. Here are some cool facts about this journey so far…

LITechNews Fact #1: The LI Tech News robotic engine fetches updated news stories every 15 minutes, 672 times a week.

LITechNews Fact #2: This technology is currently monitoring over 90 unique news sources from around Long Island, NY, the New York Region, the United States and the World.

LITechNews Fact #3: A majority of our selected news feeds are either well known for Local Long Island News, Business News or Technology News.

LITechNews Fact #4: We currently process over 110 unique news items a day. As we refine our technology, and approve more News Sources we anticipate this number to grow exponentially.

LITechNews Fact #5: No article shall be too long any longer! The Natural Language Processing software is now running. Long articles are now automatically shortened. Articles longer than 5000 words can be shrunk to 500 words! If the shortening met certain criteria & was successful then you will see an alert box just below a particular new posts’ headline. The quality is improving constantly and we appreciate your feedback on this feature!

LITechNews Fact #6: Call it semantics, emotion or sentiment – this site now analyzes articles and provides contextually aware sentiment from the words within a specific article. You can now see metrics for Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy & Sadness.

LITechNews Fact #7: Further building upon our Natural Language Processing driven News Engine we’re now processing additional classes of metrics – Social Tendencies & Language Expression. The new metrics for Social Tendencies include Openness, Conscientious, Extraversion, Agreeableness & Emotional Range. The new metrics for Language Expression include Analytical, Confident and Tentative behavior expressions.

LITechNews Fact #8: We are happy to announce that, as far as our research suggests, LI Tech News is the first News Engine in the world that allows its users the ability to search for News Articles by Keyword AND Emotional Sentiment. Our users now have the ability to conduct these search based upon the likelihood of 5 emotional sentiments. Simply click on the Search Button in the LITechNews Title Menu.

LITechNews Fact #9: We have added functionality to allow you to translate from English to over 100 other languages. You can select your desired language just below an individual news article’s meta tags.

LITechNews Fact #10: Closed Captioning on Videos: We’ve implemented software to capture closed captioning text from videos digested from this system. For example, the UN Assembly video’s closed captioning, which over an hour long, was added in text format to its respective page. Now you can search for the post by the words in a world leaders speech. Check it out here!

LITechNews Fact #11: Facial Recognition & Object Detection technology has been implemented. Each post’s image now get checked for Known Faces & Known Objects. Instead of only being able to find articles by Text, now you can navigate the news by Face or Object. Check it out!! Facial RecognitionObject Detection

LITechNews Fact #12: GIS meets NLP. We’ve implemented new Geographic Location Algorithms that determine Physical Location from Unstructured Data. Here is an example (Map below Content: Brookville, NY): You can also see a World Wide News Map Here.

LITechNews Fact #13: Artificially Intelligence Search – Now you can search using your own Natural Language. This powerful technology allows you to ask “Show me posts near New York City about Cyber Security.” and the system will search accordingly. Try it out here!

LITechNews Fact #14: Who wanted to click through 100 news articles to see Videos when you could just load one page? Well, neither did our team, so we created a news channel. View the news as it should have been seen – Welcome to LI Tech News TV!