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Estonia to Collect DNA From 100,000 Citizens

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Detected Closed Captioning: The Small Baltic Nation Of Estonia Wants To Collect DNA Samples From 100,000 Citizens In Order To Provide Custom Healthcare And Advice. The Estonian Government Launched The Initiative Last Month. But It’s Not A New Concept. Estonia Has Collected And Studied 50,000 DNA Samples For Its Biobank Program Since 2000. Estonia’s University Of Tartu Said This New Initiative Seeks To Add 100,000 More Samples Over The Course Of 2018, Which Will Cost The Government €5 Million. Eventually, The Nation Hopes To Fill Its Biobank With DNA From All Of Its 1.3 Million Citizens And Establish A Nationwide Database With Information That Can Help A Person Prevent Or Minimize Illness Based On Genetic Health Risks. The Minister Of Health And Labor Said The Program Will “boost The Development Of Personalized Medicine In Estonia And Thus Contribute To The Advancement Of Preventive Healthcare.” For United News International, I’m Cambrie Caldwell.

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