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Tip Of The Day: Garlic

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Detected Closed Captioning: What Dish Couldn’t Use A Little More Garlic But Do You Know What To Look For When Shopping For Here Is Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo Well Taste Of The Day Garlic Because A Lot Of Important Garlic Coming Into The Market Right Now Of course Some Of It May Be Locally Grown and Some Farmers Markets But Garlic To Be It’s Very Important Slicer Stories Because Garlic Taste Bad And You Add It There’s So Many Different Dishes You Saute With It To Bring Out The Flavors it’s The Beginning Of So Many Recipes you’re Gonna Ruin Everything So Let’s Talk About Selection And Storage Misha it’s Nice And Fresh When You Buy It Nice And White Like This All The Way Around For You From Any Sprouting Whatsoever and There’s A Little Bit Of Purple that’s Okay Just A Little Bit Then What You Want To Make Sure There’s No Discoloration Or Dark Colors To It That’s A Telltale Sign Time Is Stored for Too Long And If You Squeeze The Garlic Like This And It’s Tough To Break Up In Your Hand That Means It’s Dehydrated It’s Done All The Moisture Is Out Of It Which Means All The Flavors Out It’s Got To Be So Firm To The Touch You Can’t Break It Up At All When You Bring Them Home Store them In A Cool Dry Place And There’s No Such Thing As Having Too Much Garlic In the House Because I Use It All The Time And I’m Twenty Ten So Your Fresh Grocer And Always Remember To Eat Fresh And Stay Healthy Can I Love The Smell Of garlic I’m A Tired

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