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What’s Trending on Weibo 02.09.18

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    Detected Closed Captioning: If You’re A Foreigner Planning To Do Illegal Stunts Don’t Be Rude When You Get Caught Three Extreme Sports Enthusiasts Climbed Onto A Roof Of The Building In Hong Kong To perform Parkour Stunts It Didn’t Take Long For Security To Find The Men And Tell Them To Stop They Argued And Continued Doing It Anyway After A While The Security Guard Was Not Having Any Of it And Made Them Leave They Claimed He Took Their Bags And Smashed Their GoPro Camera So The Three Guys Posted Their Video Online And Complained About The Security Guard But Surprised A Majority Of The People On Weibo Who Have Seen This Story Are Totally On The Security man’s Side They’re Calling The Three Men Reckless And They Say The Guard Was Just Doing His Job And They Need To Respect The Rules Of The Country They’re Visiting Millions Are Also Counting Down To The Spring Festival In China We’re Less Than A Week Away Now But Chinese New Year Happens To Be Really Close To Valentine’s Day This Year This Man From Southern China Is Traveling To Northern China Bearing Flowers He Says His Wife Loves Flowers And He’s Bringing A Ton Of Them Even Though His Train Ride Home Get This Is Over 30 Hours Long It’s Not surprising This Is Getting A Lot Of attention Online With People Saying This Is What Real Happiness Is All About And We Stick With The Spring Festival For Our Last Trending Story A Railway In Guangzhou Is Offering A Special Train Service To Migrant Workers It’s Offering A Free Ride Home To People From Neighboring Guanxi Who Work In Guangdong Province Normally They Ride Home In Their Motorcycles And There Are So Many Of Them They Are Called The Bike Army their Railway Wants To Make Sure They Get Home Safely People Are Going Online to Say That Spring Festival Is Not Only a Time For Family It’s Also A Time For being Kind And That’s Quick Look At What’s Trending In China The Digital Hub will Be Following All Of Your Favorite Web Stories And We’ll Share Them With You When We Come Back Next Week Don’t forget You Can Always Write To Us And Follow Us Online For More Hot Topics At CTN America.com

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