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‘We have reasons to believe US wants to stay in Syria for a long time, if not forever’-Russian FM

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    Last month, the US announced plans to maintain an open-ended military presence in Syria. Washington says it wants to ensure that the civil war is resolved through a political process, and that displaced locals can return to their homes. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov thinks Washington’s presence may become permanent.

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    RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

    Detected Closed Captioning: With Relations Being Tested Between The Two NATO Allies Than Us Top Diplomat Rex Tillerson The Visiting Turkey Is Part Of His Middle East – Until Uh Since Admitting The Fight Against Islamic states Far From Over In Syria Despite Washington Declaring Victory Over The Terror Group Back In November The End Of Major Combat Operations Does Not Mean We have Achieved The Enduring Defeat Of Isis Isis Remains A Serious Threat To the Stability Of The Region Our Homeland and Other Parts Of The Globe Last Month The U.s. Announced Plans To Maintain An Open-ended Military Presence In Syria It Says Some 2,000 Troops Are Set To Stay On Now In The Country To Prevent What They Term An ISIL Resurgence And To Counter Iran’s influence In The Region Washington Also says It Wants To Ensure The Civil War Is Resolved Through A Political Process And That Displaced Locals Can Return To Their Homes To That End They’ve Also pledged 200 Million Dollars In Aid But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov thinks Washington’s Presence Might become Permanent The US Says Its Presence Should Continue Not Only Until Military Goals Are Achieved But Also Until There’s A Steady Political Process That Should End With An Appropriate Or In Other Words Accepted By The US transition Of Power That Means Regime Change Overall We Have Reasons To Believe That The US Wants To Stay There For A Long Time If Not Forever The United States Would Like To Pressure Damascus By Whatever Means It Has To change Or To Affect A Political Change over There That The United States Would Like To Be You Know Would Like To Endorse And Then Later On They Could Probably Say Okay We Like That Sort Of Change And Let’s Get Out Of Here otherwise We Won’t Be Getting Out Of here Now That’s Only The Face Of It The Real Thing Is That We Believe That The United States Is Preparing The Ground for A Long-term Separation Or A Permanent Actually Separation Of Eastern And Northeastern Syria From The Syrian state The 200 and Honors That Are Being Pledged Today are Not Going To Bring Back Electricity and Water To The Devastated Raka We Believe But Probably Bring More Weapons to The Kurds Which Is Going To Put Some Pressure On Other Minorities In The Region To Accept Kurdish Supremacy And The United States You Know Under The United States Umbrella So To Speak Meantime Human Rights Watch Is Called For International Support In Clearing The Rubble And D Mining Of The Syrian City Of Raqqa it Says Almost 500 Civilians Were Injured In The Three Months After The Liberation And Many More Were Killed It Says In Its Report The Organization Also Highlighted The Growing Risk Of More Civilians Being Killed As People Return to That Devastated City Not In Hurry Counterterrorism Program Director And Human Rights Watch Spoke To Us About The Group’s Findings I Can Just Describe To you What I Saw And In Raqqa Residents Are Very Desperate To Go And Check On Their Home Homes And Because Of The High Risk And Because Of The Few Working opportunities For Many Young Men You Can Go To A Couple Of Randoms In The City And For About $50 A Day You Can Hire People To Go Clear Your House From You know The Peace But Also In Potential Remnants Of War This Is At A Time When you Know They’re Not Trained To Do This It’s Very Dangerous universe And Many Other Countries They Need To Provide More Support What Sort Of Support To Be More Demanding equipment More Funding And An Increase A number Of The Miners And Thirdly An Increase In The Training Of Local residents Do The Demining while There Have Been Some Demining Efforts Either Directly By The Mining Organizations Funded By The international Coalition Or Through Training This Is Not Sufficient Compared to The Need And Local Residents Are sprut For More Support For Demining Efforts

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