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Tommy Lei discusses e commerce’s influence on Chinese fashion industry

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    Detected Closed Captioning: Well For More On Our China’s Fashion Industry Is Being Influenced By E-commerce And Other Factors I’m Joined By Tommy Leg He’s The Founder Of My Belonging An International Fashion Blog Focused On Menswear Welcome Tommy Thank You So Much For Having Me So What Do You Think About This Trend That We’re Seeing of Some Designers Going Off The Runway and Hosting These More Personalised Events To Showcase Their Brand Well I Certainly Think There Has Been An Oversaturation Of What You Can See On social Media You Know Like All The Runway Shows Being Displayed Immediately on Instagram I Think Sometimes These Brands May Lose That Personal Touch With Their Audience And They’re Trying To Kind Of Rein That In A Little Bit More And Really Having It Closer To Home To Their Core Audiences And I Think That’s An Important Thing To Do To Stay Relevant Sometimes Its Importance Is Sort Of Shift Things A Little Bit And Maybe Buck Against The Trends Of Social Media Now We’ve Certainly Seen Social Media Play A Big Role But Then You Also See A Lot Of Companies Connecting With Influences Is That Another Really Good Way To Get Brand Recognition Well Certainly As Someone Who Is An Influencer Himself I May Be A Bit Bias When It Comes To This But I I Think It’s Important To Sort Of Have Brands penetrate Deeper Into You Know Different Niches And Different Audiences And You Know Us As Influencers We Do Have That Power To Speak Very Intimately To Our Audiences So You Know As Someone Who Represents A More A Gendered And Unisexual Look I Think You Know That would Appeal To You Know Brands Who Are Looking To To Get Into A Market That They Have Not Otherwise Touched Before And How Would You Say Chinese Brands Are Faring In Terms Of Their Competition With Foreign Brands To Really Boost Popularity In China I’d Certainly Say That Chinese Brands Are Formidable Competitors In This Space Especially after Seeing What Happened At Tea Malls China Day I Was Certainly Very Impressed With You Know A Lot Of Homegrown Talent there Like Leaning Like That Athlete Like All The Athleisure That I Saw That Came Through Was Very Well Executed And well Styled And Would Be Incredibly Resonated Before An American Audience and I Just Sort Of Love that Crossover Appeal And I Really Think it’s A Strong Presence That Is Heading Our Way To Be Honest And What’s On Your Radar In Terms Of The Trends That You Think Are Really Going To Be Resonating with Shoppers In This Coming Year Gosh I Think It’s It’s All About The Puffer Jacket I Saw So Many Variations Of It On The Runway Especially At You Know Both piece Berg And Function Wang Another Chinese Designer That Showed This Season and I Mean The Puffer Jackets Are So Well Done And And So Avant-garde And I Think You Know If Anyone Who’s In High Fashion They’re Gonna Immediately Find Themselves Arrested By The Design And The Aesthetic Of Those Proper Jackets So I Think That’s A Big That’s A Big Trend That’s Coming Now What About Misperceptions That People Have About Chinese Designers Because They Do Want to Expand On The Global Stage But sometimes People Perhaps Aren’t Familiar With The Aesthetic What Do You Think They Should Really Understand For Chinese A Scientist In Particular They They Really Need To Understand That They have To Work With People Who Are Native to To The United States I Think It’s Important For Them To Just Sort Of Branch Out A Little Bit More And And To Approach You Know Perhaps Influencers And Tastemakers Who Are Born You Know In China Had Had Have Perhaps Emigrated To The United States And Still Speak Their Their Native Tongues Like I Do I Think it’s In It’s Important To Sort Of Branch That Conversation A Little Bit And Broaden Their Audiences By Really Reaching Out To People Who Support A Very High High-end Elevated Aesthetic As Well As You Know People Who Are Designing Like Streetwear Athleisure Garments I Think You Have A Very Big Spectrum Of That And In America And So You Know They Just Need To Really Break Down The Barriers A Bit And Perhaps Move away From Just Working With Chinese Celebrities And And Influencers You Know On Their Side Of The Of The Continent now At One Point When Ecommerce Was First Emerging We Saw That People Were saying Is This The End Of The Brick And mortar Store But Now You’re Having This New Retail Model That Kind Of Blends Both Of The What Do You Think Of This Blending Of This New Retail Model It’s It’s A Fantastic Evolution I For One Still Love going Into Barney’s And You Know Finding something Very Special I Love The Whole Shopping Experience I Think That’s Part Of What Makes Luxury So Special Is That You Know You Have A Lot Of Personable Attention And I Do III Think You Know What We’re Evolving To Is Maybe Perhaps Retail Is Becoming More Of A Shared Space The Shared Space And That You Know People Can See The Garmin And Shrine On And Perhaps Just Putting Down the Order And Then You Know I’m Not Just Contributing To You Know Massive Inventory That Could Otherwise Be Quite Wasteful You Know In The Environmental Scheme Of Things

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