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Quantum dot antibiotics could open new front on war against bacteria

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    Detected Closed Captioning: kristan Eller Is A Graduate Student In Chemical And Biological Engineering At The University Of Colorado Boulder She’s Part Of A Team That’s Trying To re-energize Antibiotic Drugs That Are Used To Treat A Variety Of Infections And Diseases It’s A Problem Of Massive Scale Cu Boulders Prashant Nog Paul Is Referring To Antibiotic Resistance Which The US Centers For Disease Control termed A Serious Health Threat Several Years Ago The CDC Says At Least 2 million People In The U.s. Become Infected With Bacteria That Are Resistant To Antibiotics Each Year And At Least 23,000 Died As A Direct Result of Those Infections And It’s A Global Problem In This Race We Are Actually losing Pretty Badly We Are In A Post-antibiotic Era Where We Don’t Have Antibiotics Working With Nog Paul And Ash Reach A Dorjee Has Developed A Smart Antibiotic That Relies On Tiny Light activated Nanoparticles Also Known As Quantum Dots Which Release Superoxide A Chemical That Interferes With A Bacterias Metabolic And Cellular Processes It Is Designed In A Way In Which We Are Targeting A Central Process And That Makes It Difficult For The Bug To Evolve Resistance To It The Moment We Sort Of Trigger Them With Light Or Any Other External Stimulus Then They Would Start Doing Their Work Researchers Say Quantum Dots Have Been Shown To Massively Reduce The Antibiotic Resistance Of Infections Without Adverse side Effects There Is Hope That Antibiotics That Have Stopped Working can Be Empowered Once Again All Recent Tests Have Been Amazing I Mean It’s It’s Proven Effective Way Beyond What We could Have Imagined When We Started This Project The Scientists Say This Quantum Dot Technology Can Be Easily Modified To Kill Not Just The Superbugs Of Today But The Ones That Surface Tomorrow What’s Gonna Be The Next Outbreak What’s Gonna Be The Next Ebola Or You Know The Next About It Resistant Superbugs How We Will Conquer That So Time Is Of The Essence Resistance Is Spreading And I Think You Know Viable Technologies Should Be Forward As Quickly As Possible Clinical tests First On Animals Then On Humans will Be Needed First And That Depends On Funding Nog Paul And Chatterjee Argue It’s Money Well Spent Because They Say Disease Is Winning The Race With Antibiotics At The Moment And Patients Are Suffering As A Result Enric Sub-brand ECG Tian Denver

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