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Olympic spoiler alerts for Feb. 9th: Spills, chills and opening ceremony controversy

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    Detected Closed Captioning: If You’re Planning To Watch The NBC Broadcast In Primetime Shut This Video Off But If You Want The Spoilers Now We Got You Here’s What Happened Yesterday you Can Actually Get Hurt In Curling Korean Curler Ki Lee Jeong Slipped And Fell On The Ice In Competition Showing Us That This Hipster Sport Is Not All Fun And Games After Being Hyped For Months Nathan Chen Was A Hot Mess On The Ice In His Olympic Debut Chen Fell Way Below Expectations In His First Quad He Landed It But It Wasn’t Pretty the Second Time He Popped It And Then He Fell Trying To Execute A Triple Axel In The Opening Ceremony The Crowd Went Wild When North And South Korea Came Out Together Under The Unified Flag The Trouble Is Outside The Stadium Koreans Were Not As Enthused Making Their Case on Why North And South Korea Shouldn’t Have Been Marching Together But Most Importantly Yep We’re Really Excited about The Tongan Flag Bearer In All His Glistening Glory He Must Have Put On So Much Coconut Oil Because The Temperatures Were Below Freezing That Is A Must Watch Now That’s About All The Gist Of What You Missed stick With Sports Pulse Your Heartbeat to What’s Trending In Sports

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