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New York Fashion Week launches first Tmall China Day

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    The fashionistas of the world have descended upon the streets of Manhattan to take in New York Fashion Week. The biannual event has increasingly been a place for Chinese designers to make their mark. A new collaboration between the organizers of New York fashion week and Tmall hopes to bring greater awareness of China’s design talent. CGTN America’s Karina Huber reports.

    Detected Closed Captioning: [Applause] China And The U.s. Fashion Industry Have Long Been Intertwined For Decades Many Of America’s Top Designers Have Manufactured Their Goods In China More Recently Chinese Designers Have been Coming To The U.s. To Showcase Their Looks To Further Foster That Relationship The Council Of Fashion Designers Of America Or CFDA Has Teamed Up With Team All And Sun Chi A Shanghai-based Fashion Management company To Create The First Team All China Day At New York Fashion Week I Think The Perception In The United States Is That China Is A Manufacturing Country I Don’t Think There’s A High level Of Understanding Of The Creativity that Exists There So For Us It’s Really to Elevate Creativity To Bring Chinese Creativity To New York Expose Designers To The American Industry For Chinese Brands Focused Mainly On Menswear Were Chosen To Be A Part Of The First China Day Event They Included Sportswear Giant leaning We Really Want The World To See that We Are Using Our Hearts In Our Design And Our Innovation Breakthrough brings The Brand To An International Stage Capitalizing On The See Now By Now Movement Most Of The Garments Seen On The New York Runway Were Available Immediately On Timo After The Show Chinese There Are Lots Of Trendy elements It’ll Also Be Accepted By Foreigners So We Also Hope That Foreign Consumer Can Like Them And Can Purchase Them Through Our Platform Kolb Says The Collaboration Also Seeks To Help American Designers Grow Their Customer Base In China By Giving Them A Better Understanding Of How Timo Works My Guess Is Many Designers Are Gonna See The Value Of Team All And And What They Do And How They Can Reach A Chinese Consumer Through Team Also It’s A Great Opportunity The First China Day Event In New York Fashion Week Was All About The Men But Come September The Ladies Take Center Stage When There Will Be Another The Event This Time Featuring Chinese Designers Mainly Making Women’s Wear A Much Bigger And High-profile Market Karina Huber CGT N New York

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