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GamesBeat Decides 70: Crotch Shots

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    On this week’s GamesBeat Decides podcast, host Mike Minotti has returned from vacation to talk about going into VR with his family. Co-host Jeffrey Grubb, meanwhile, plays with his steering wheel for the entire show. The squad gets into a lovely platforming game, the news, and the best game from January as part of a new monthly segment.

    Games a rundown of the show:

    • Celeste
    • Dandara
    • Spintires
    • Rainbow Six: Siege
    • Super NT
    • Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire
    • Bandai Namco is working on Metroid Prime 4?
    • Fortnite hit 3.4 million concurrent players
    • Monster Hunter: World overtakes PUBG as the Xbox Store’s No. 1 top-paid game
    • Red Dead 2 will have a Battle Royale mode?
    • GTA V sells 90 million copies
    • Marvel isn’t at Evo
    • Capcom is cutting back on the next Dead Rising
    • Mike and Jeff decide the top 3 best games of January 2018

    Talk to you next time, kiddos.

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