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Every athlete wins at the Olympic opening ceremony

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    Detected Closed Captioning: The Olympics Are About Being Faster Higher Or Stronger It’s The Mater Of These Games And Every Other But For One Night And One Night Only The Winning Is Done Not By Speed It’s Done By Walking And Smiling And Waving And It’s The Only time When Everyone Still Feels Like A Winner When The Celebration Isn’t About What Success Might Come It’s About The Journey That Got Them Here And The Prize Is The Opportunity To See All That Moment Of A Lifetime For Some Of Those Eternal Memories Can Only Be Perfect If They Come Coated In Gold But If You’re A Veteran In Short So You’re Walking As Cool As You Run Or Frankly If You’re Not wearing Much At All And The World Loves You For It These Are The Times That Live forever In Your Heart And Your Soul Why Not Smile And Celebrate The World Is watching And Smiling Back At You Your ear You’ve Arrived And You’ll Have Your Chance To Shine And What Shines Brighter Than A Flame Itself Lit Into The mountain Sky By A Star Of Ice Warming the Olympic Spirit Once More In Its frostia Smo Minh The Games Just Began And We’re Ready We’ve Been Ready For Two long Years The Last Time We Packed It Up It Was From Beachside Warmth In A Sunny City Of Dance What Really Makes The Games Is The Preparation Not The Building Of The Palaces Of Sports But the Building Of The Minds And The Bodies And The Spirits Of The Athletes The Only Things That Take Them Closer To Their Destiny A Time And Themselves Their Time Is Now And Now They’re Ready Begin [Music] You [Music]

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