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Dong Jun discusses Olympic hopes for Team China

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    Detected Closed Captioning: And For More On China And Pyeongchang Games I’m Joined By Sports Journalists Dong Joon In Beijing So Juda China’s Medal Count Is Expected To Double The Sochi Winter Games Which Sports And Chinese Athletes Are The Ones To Watch Well Of Course China Is Sending The Biggest Ever Delegation From The Country to A Winter Olympic Edition But I Think China Should Still Realistically Could Focus On Several So-called Traditional sports Where China Really Have Hopes To Win Medals Or Even Gold Medals Because now The Local Media Inside China Are Setting Their Target The Target On You Know Repeating What They Have Achieved in Sochi Four Years Ago Instead Of hoping Too Much You Know Unrealistically On As Many As Ten Medals I Have Forecasted By Some Western Media Because China After Four Years China Remained Relatively Strong In Short-track Speedskating Figure Skating And Some You Know Sports Snowboarding Is Still Relatively New Inside For China But With Some Hope To Win A Medal And Another Event Is Speed Skating I Mean The Long Track Speed Skating Which In Which China’s No Longer Have The Top contenders In The World So We’ll Still Be Focusing On Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating But Most Of These Are Hopefuls For The Weddell Medal Or Gold Medal Are The First Time Are In Their first Time For A Winter Olympic Games And And Talking About These Games You Know President Xi Jinping Outlined A Goal Of Getting 300 Million Chinese On Skis And Skates By 2020 Do You Think These Pyeongchang Winter Games Could Help Inspire The Next Generation Of Chinese Athletes Absolutely I Think You Know China Has Sent A A Quite Qualified Delegation Of Officials And Technicians who Will Play Be Playing A Very important Role When You Know In 2022 Beijing And And Jeong Yunho Will Be Hosting The Winter Games At Home So They Will Be On The Ground To Try To Learn And Build up Their Experience And At The Same Time The Media Coverage And As Well As The The The Young People I Mean Back In China Their Enthusiasm And Their Their learning About A Winter Sports Will Pay Off I Mean Over The Years After So Many Years Of The Efforts I Think How The Difference Of Expecting And Hosting The winter Games From You Know Back In 2008 When China Was First Time Hosting The Summer Games Was You Know Many Of Those summer Games As Sports Are Relatively you Know Distant From Ordinary People’s Lives But Now When You Look At Winter Sports Although China Can Only Compete In Five Winter Sports Among The 15 An Offer But Almost All Of The Five Sports Have A Pretty Strong You Know Fan Base here Back In China Where Young People Really Practice Instead Of Just Purely Watching So I Think I Think South Korea Is Also Using This Attraction To Appeal to Young Chinese Visitors And Tourists So To Go To Pyongyang To To Take It To See The The Olympics Unveil Alright Good Things To Watch For Dong Jun In Beijing Thank You For Joining Us

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