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Dissecting the chorus of Mexico City’s streets

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    Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] It Can Strike At Any Time The Shrieking Announcement Of A Scrap Metal Dealers Presence In A Mexico City Neighborhood [Music] our Work Is Very Traditional And Before It Was Very Common To Advertise By Shouting On Our Rounds And Now The loudspeaker Recording Is Very Famous [Music] Piercing In Irritating We Can Say With Some Confidence The Sound Is Known To All 21 Million Residents Of The Metropolitan Area Three Year Old Maria Del Mar Tehran Is The Voice Of The Original Track Which Was Made When She was Just 10 Meters Cable Or Any Given I Get Very Mixed Reactions There Are People Who Are Excited To Meet Me But also A Lot Of People Who Hate Me But I Like Knowing That My Voice Is Known To everyone It Makes Me Blush Today The Scrap Metal Announcement Has Entered Mexican Popular Culture Featured in Disco Tracks TV Shows And Popular Jokes Even One Involving US President Donald Trump In Which Comedians Reimagined The Iconic Call Interrupting Him During A Campaign Stop [Music] But Scrap Metal Merchants Are Not The Only Street Sellers Here To Have A Distinctive Noise Here In Mexico City A Steam Whistle Signals A Late Night Tamal snack While Everyone Here In The Capitol Knows What A Short Blast On The Panpipes means You Know lfyou Leather This Is Caffeine And cootchie-coo This Instant Association Of Distinct Noises With Goods And Services Is Widespread In Mexican Society A Ringing Bell Means The Garbage Man Means Coffee And Cake My Organ Grinders Are Ever-present EBay Is A Chronicler Of Mexico City’s Cultural History Even before European Conquests The City Has Always Been A Commercial Hub So When A Set Culture Blended With the Spanish Who Are Heavily Influenced By Arabic Culture It Became More So Than Ever How These Sounds Became Decided Upon We Cannot Say But They Will Certainly Remain Because They Are Practical Informing The Street Of Your Presence With A Single Unmistakable Noise Will Always Be More Efficient Than Knocking Every Door The Sounds Of Mexico city’s Streets Are An Inseparable Aspect Of The Local Culture Their Future Depends Not On The Advance Of Technology But On The Demand For The Goods And services They Represent Alistair Bhava Stock Cg TN Mexico City

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