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Chinese director Zhang Yimou takes skills behind the camera to Olympics stage

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    Detected Closed Captioning: This Is Where Song Emotions Directing Films That Become Hits In China Blockbusters Like Raise The Red Lantern The Flowers Of War And His First English-language Film The Great Wall Why Are You Here We Came To Trade July But the Big Screen Isn’t The Only Place Song Is Making His Mark Jang Is Taking The Reins Of The Closing Ceremony At This Year’s Winter Olympics In Pyongyang South Korea He’s Producing An Eight-minute Performance A Preview Of The Beijing Winter Games In 2022 Doing An Eight-minute Show Is Difficult As People Have Many Requirements For It With A Very High Expectation This Isn’t The First Time Song Has Directed Ceremonies At The Olympics He Was Behind The Internationally Praised Opening Ceremony At The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics As Well As The Closing Ceremony At The 2004 Athens Games For Those Shows The Focus Was On China’s 5,000 Year History I Think During The Past 14 Years Our Country Changed A Lot Not To Mention China’s International Status Is Getting very Different So I Think The performance Should Highlight The Pulse of The Times The Atmosphere And The Feeling In Pyeongchang The Goal Is To Showcase A Competent And Modern China This Time We Highlight The Sense Of hi-tech By The New Technology And Want to Bring Out A New Feeling On Demonstrating China’s Scene A Mission that’s Included Nearly A Year Of Preparations And Rehearsals For The Past few Months Because Of National Duty And Pride To Represent My Country I Assume The Responsibility To Do It And Go All Out To Make It Good Taking His Skills Behind The Big Screen onto The Biggest Stage Of All Francisco Cg Tian

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