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Arthur Dong on US relations with the Korean Peninsula amid Winter Olympics

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    U.S. Vice President Mike Pence tries to blunt the DPRK’s charm offensive, as the two Koreas show some unity at the Winter Olympics. To discuss that and more, CGTN’s Mike Walter spoke with Arthur Dong from Georgetown University, a professor in the McDonough School of Business.

    Detected Closed Captioning: I’m Going Down By Arthur Dong From Georgetown University He’s A Professor in The Mcdonoughs School Of Business Why Don’t We Start There He’s Talking About These Formal Talks Is This A Platform that Can Be Built On For Some Sort Of dialogue That May Lead In The Positive Direction Yeah I Certainly See This This Meeting Here Of The Leadership Of North Korea And Some Elements Of Of South Korea Certainly As A Potential Bridge To Further Dialogue To Opening Up A Diplomatic You Know Talk With Regard To The Resolution Of The Outstanding Issues That Trouble Both South Korea And Certainly The United States The ROK Seems To Be Going In The Diplomacy Avenue Mike Pence Seems To Be Going In the Cold-shoulder Avenue Is This The Right Approach Without A Doubt It Was A Very Although They Had Physical Proximity Sitting There In The Stands It Was Quite Obvious In Terms Of The Mental Distance Between Vice President Pence and The North Korean Leadership So That distance And The Posturing Certainly Speaks Loudly About Where The Two Sides Perhaps At This Point Stand The U.s. Stance Seems To Be This Is A U.s. DPRK confrontation The DPRK In Many Respects the Same But The ROK The Republic Of Korea Obviously Will Be Impacted By All Of This And You See Moon Jae-in Taking These Steps Should The United States Be Giving In More Room And Be More I Don’t Know Acquiescence To The To Their Efforts It’s Very Unusual To See This Sort Of Duality Being Expressed Right Now Because On The One Hand South Korea The Arc Is Making Very Positive Overtures To Try To Lay The Foundations For Further Dialogue Yet At The Same time Their Major Ally The United States Seems To Be May Be Offering A Different sort Of Statement And Maintaining In This Kind Of Distance The Threading Of the Needle Trying To Create A relationship Here And Yet Staying On The Good Side With The United States How Does He Go About Doing That I Think At this Point To Put It Puts A South Korea in A Somewhat Awkward Position And In Terms Of The Optics Of This It Also Looks A Little Bit Unusual But I Think Given The The Level Of Hostility and The Issues That Still Reside Between the United States And North Korea I Think There’s There Are Some Serious Issues That Still Require You Know Further And Deep Discussion As You Look At This What’s The Best That Can Be Hoped For After The Peace Games I Think After The Peace Games We Got To To contest Going On Here Certainly The Contest That Exists Between All The Contestant The Athletes Themselves In The Political Contest That Is Going On behind The Scenes I Think The Best-case Scenario Is That further Dialogue And For The Willingness To Talk Would Be The Best Case Scenario that May Lead To Perhaps More Diplomatic solutions To The Issues At Hand All Right Arthur Dong Thanks So Much For Coming In Really Appreciate It It’s My Pleasure

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