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US Panama ambassador steps down

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John Feeley reportedly started to step aside as the U.S. ambassador to Panama late last year — before President Trump’s recent “shithole” comments.

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Detected Closed Captioning: The US Ambassador To Panama Is Stepping Down Saying He Can’t Faithfully Serve The Trump Administration Eight Politically Ambassador John Feely Was Nominated To The Post In 2015 By President Barack Obama He Is A Former Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot With Over 25 Years Of Experience At The State Department It’s Not Clear What If Anything Prompted Phillies Decision But he Apparently Told The State Department About It In December Last Year In Other Words News Outlets Say Feely Isn’t Leaving Because Of The Foul Language President Donald Trump Reportedly Used About Other Countries Panama Hasn’t Played A Major Role In Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda Yet But He Did Compliment The Panama Canal When He Met The Country’s President Last Year Vice president Mike Pence Visited The Country Back In August

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