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Trump Cancels London Trip, Blames Obama

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Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] United States President Donald Trump Has Canceled A Visit To London Planned For February Trump Tweeted January 11th That He Canceled The Trip Because He Is Not A Fan Of The Obama Administration Selling The U.s. Embassy For Quote Peanuts He added Quote Bad Deal Wanted Me To Cut Ribbon No The Final Sale The Embassy Went Through Under The Obama administration But The Initial Decision was Made Under President Bush In 2008 however Some Believe Trump Actually canceled Because He Expected Mass Protests During His Visit London Mayor Sadiq Khan Said Trump Got The Message That Many Londoners Oppose His Policies end Quote His Visit Next Month Would Without Doubt Have Been Met By Mass Peaceful Protests A UK Government Officials Said Prime Minister Teresa Mae’s Invitation For Trump To Make An Official State Visit Still Stands But No Date Has Been Set For United News International I’m Matt Paul

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