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Straphangers Complain About Broken Escalator

In Video by CBS New York

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Detected Closed Captioning: Maurice And Christine The Escalator Here At The 61st Street Shop On The 7 Train Has Been Out Of Service Since January first Many Say They Physically Cannot Climb The Dozens Of Stairs The MTA Says They’re Aware Of The Problem And They’re On It But Riders Say They Want Action not Excuses Hurry Up And Wait That’s The Situation For Riders At 61st And Roosevelt They’re Rushing To Work Only to Find They Have To Wait For Their Turn to Fit In One Elevator This Is Just A Mess Always Broken It’s Never Fixed A Lot Of New Yorkers Do To Work Off Them Christmas Pounds Some Riders Can Walk Up The 70 Steps But If You Have A Stroller or A Health Condition It’s Not An Option I Had A Heart Attack And I’d Like To take The Nestle Tour Know Of It Now I’m Standing Here Waiting For The next Round Of People Because The Escalators Broken The Escalators Been Blocked Off For Two Weeks Several Times There Were Promises Posted It Would Be Fixed In A Day Or Two The Latest Notice Now Says It’ll Be Repaired By January 11th Yesterday It’s Been Down For Quite A While Too So I Don’t Understand What’s Taking So Long it Even Worse Today We Saw Construction Workers Monopolizing The Only Working elevator I’m Sure And My Boss Doesn’t want To Hear That I’m Late Every Day We Demanded Answers From The MTA On What’s Taking So Long A Spokesman Told Us No One Was Available to Go On Camera But Said Recent Severe Weather Delayed The Project He Says The Escalator Will Now Be Fixed By Next Friday At 3 P.m. Riders Say They’ll Believe It When They See It And The Escalator Here Is Sheltered So I press The MTA On How The Weather Is Delaying The Repairs They Said Last week’s Snow And Ice Somehow Intruded The Area Creating Additional Problems Asked For The Sign That Still Has Not Been Updated Telling Riders The Delays Are Not There Yet Well That Will Be Updated Tonight Letting Me Know They’ll Have To Wait Till Next Friday If They Want To Use The Escalator We’re Live In Woodside Queens Lisa Rosner CBS 2 News All Right Lisa

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