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Rep. reignites call to impeach Trump after slur

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Rep. Al Green says he’ll again introduce a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump after he called African nations “shithole countries.”

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Detected Closed Captioning: Texas Representative Al Green Says He’s Going To Introduce Another Resolution next Week To Impeach President Donald Trump It’s Not A First He Introduced A Similar Resolution Last Month It Was resoundingly Rejected Even A Majority Of Democrats Voted To Kill It Saying It’s not The Time To Talk About Impeachment they Cited Robert Molars Investigation And Congressional Probes Into The President As Reasons To Hold Off Impeachment Is A Big Agenda Item For Greene He Started Calling For It Last Summer And His House Website Even Has A Whole Page Dedicated To It Last Time Around Greene Cited The President’s comments About White Supremacist In Charlottesville Virginia And His Retweeting Of Anti-muslim Propaganda As Evidence He’s Unfit For Office In His Announcement About The New Resolution Greene Alluded To Reports The President Referred To African Nations As Quote Shithole Countries California representative Maxine Waters Also Referred To That Remark Friday When She called For Trump’s Impeachment Also Friday Representatives Jerry Nadler And Ceedric Richmond Announced They’ll Push To Censure The President Next Week Over His Comments Censure Is Basically A Fancy Form Of Condemnation

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