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Rain Will Stick Around Through Saturday Morning

In Video by CBS New York

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Detected Closed Captioning: You See Them Just Kind Of Floating Around Now Like This Big Icy Patches which Could Prove To Be A Problem You know You’re Gonna Throw You Know More Rain On Top Of It You Got The Melting Snow As It Is And Then You Catch An Ice Jam Here Or There Especially Some Of The Smaller Rivers And They Get Backs Up Pretty Quickly Because The Snow Will melt Quicker Than The Ice Will That’s gonna Stick Around A Little Bit Longer but Let Me Get You Guys Outside Here In New York City There’s Your Picture You Can See That Low Deck Of Clouds Overhead we Are Dealing With Some Fog Some Rain As Well 60 Degrees As Of Right Now As far As Visibility Out There Some Folks Are Doing Better Than Others The Tough Spots Kind Of Patchy Out There Bedford 1/10 Of A Mile Visibility For You Would mere A Tenth Of A Mile Stanford Three tenths Of A Mile Pretty Tough Go Right Now Out On Long Island Consequently This Is What’s Causing The Delays At Some Of The Area Airports Would Be The Fog Situation That We’re Dealing With An You Deal With That Right Through The Overnight Hours This Fog Advisory Until 5:00 A.m. For Staten Island Brooklyn Queens Nassau County Suffolk County Fairfield County As Well Just Hey It’s Gonna Make The Driving That Much More Difficult And then Tomorrow’s Driving Could At Times Be Off The Charts Difficult Now It’s Gonna All Depend On The Temperature Profile But Check This Out We Have A Chance To Be 60 Degrees At 2:00 O’clock in The Morning I Mean Right Now We’re 60 Degrees Why Would We Still Be 60 Degrees at 2:00 A.m. Because Before The Front actually Makes Its Pass You Get That final Burst Almost A More Intense Southwesterly Flow Temperatures Could Go Up I Just Saw That Happening In Albany Over The Last Hour Temperatures Will drop So Fast Around Here You’re Gonna Notice An Incredible Difference On Saturday Consequently A Flash Freeze could Possibly Equal Some Dangerous Roads Out There That Would Be For Your Day On Saturday Overnight Hours Even Tonight Next Snow Chance Looks To Be Tuesday Or So But Let’s Focus On The Situation We Have Currently Out There Rain Is Falling It’s Now The Second Batch Macon’s Push into Western Jersey We Still Have Some Pretty Decent Bouts Of Rain Out Around The Twin Forks You Got A Look At The Big picture Though That There’s More To Come you’ll Deal With This Right Through The Nighttime Hours Into The Morning tomorrow Not So Much After That After that’s Gonna Be All About The Temperatures Dropping Behind This System So Let’s Show You How This All Times Out here We Are 9:00 P.m. Pretty Decent Rain Bouts Throughout The Area It’s Kind Of Filled In A Little Bit More Right Now New York City To Catch A little Bit Of A Break It’s Coming Back To The Area Then You Get Into The Overnight Hours Of You Are 3:30 could Be Some Batches Of Very Heavy Rain And Notice This Pink Okay That’s The Sleet And Freezing Rain Getting Those So Close To The City But You Know Already causing Some Problems Out There North And West Maybe Even A Couple Of Snow Showers For A Few People There If You Watch What Happens After That The Snow Never Actually The Extremely The Rain And The Sleet Make Smith The Sleet and The Ice Never Actually Makes A True Push Through The City But Again It Doesn’t Have To Be Snowing Or Sleeting In The City Or You Know Long Island To Make The Driving Treacherous Because Then It’s All About The Temperature Profile And We Will Watch Those Temperatures Drop Here We Go alright There’s 62 At 1:00 A.m. In The city Look At This You’re 21 At 7:00 A.m. still 40 Degrees Though In The City Then you Drop Down Below The Freezing Mark around Lunchtime And Wet Roadways Freeze But Notice That Point In Time Basically Everybody’s At The Freezing Mark Or Below Everybody Could Be Dealing With Some Tough Driving Out There All Right Let’s Get You Right To The Extended Forecast You Can See The Numbers Out there And Do They Bounce Around Are They All Just Going Down And Staying Down Well Next Week Looks To Be A Much Colder week Than What We’ve Been Having Here As Of Late So You’re 63 For Your Dates A For Saturday 47 That’s Like That’s dropping During The Day Okay It’s Going to Feel Like You’re Below Freezing In The Afternoon Hours On Saturday You’ll Be Done With The With The The System It’s Gone But Then You’re 28 On Sunday Martin Luther King Day You’re Starting Off At 16 Up To 28 Again For A High Temperature And Then We Keep You Basically At The Freezing Mark Or So All Next Week 16 Wow That’s 63 Really Just I’m Gonna Jump That’s What I’m Saying yeah But I Know You Like That Cold Stuff That Last We Will Bring It Back For You Sure Thanks A Lot

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