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Former Taliban Hostage Faces Several Charges

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Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] Canadian Officials Charged Former Taliban Hostage Joshua Boyle With 15 Criminal Counts Including Sexual Assault Boyle Appeared In An Ottawa Court On January First And Remains In Police Custody In Addition A Sexual Assault Boyle Is Accused Of Assault Unlawful confinement Uttering Threats Public Mischief And Administering An Antidepressant Called Trazadone The court Asked Prohibited The Media From naming The Two Alleged Victims All Of The Alleged Offences Occurred Since The Canadian Man His American Wife And Their Three Surviving Children Were Rescued In October The Taliban Lien Tehani Network Captured The Couple While They Were backpacking In Afghanistan In 2012 Four children Were Born In Captivity But Their Captors Killed An Infant’s Oil’s Wife Caitlin Coleman Told The Toronto Star She Couldn’t Speak To The Charges Against Boyle But Said She Believes That Mental Trauma Is Quote Culpable For This 4019 News International I’m Cambrie Caldwell

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