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Chilean Churches Damaged by Explosives Before Pope Francis Visit in Santiago

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Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] Authorities Say Unknown Vandals Detonated Explosive Devices A Three Catholic Churches In Santiago Chile On Friday January 12th The Church’s Shows Significant Damage From The Explosives but No One Was Hurt A Fourth Church Attack Was Also Plotted But No Damage Was Sustained The Vandals Through Pamphlets Out Silent Least One Of The Damaged Churches Authorities Said One Of The Pamphlets Read Pope Francis The Next Bomb Will Be In Your Robe The Pope Will Visit The Chilean Capital From January 15 To 18th Francis Is The First Latin American Pope Hailing From Argentina He Plans To Hold A Mass In Santiago On Tuesday With About Half A Million People expected To Attend Local Media Reports Protests Around The City Are Expected On Issues Surrounding The Church’s Ongoing Sexual Abuse Scandal Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Said On A Radio Show On Friday The Events Are Quote Very Strange If United News International I’m Rachel Aid Them

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