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Carving Carousel Characters In Westchester County

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It’s a talent that only few possess and has brought job to millions for generations. We’re talking about carousel making. In the early 1900s, carousel horses were mainly carved in Coney Island. Today, the art of a bygone era is being kept alive in Westchester County. CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock has more.

Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] Carousel Creatures Circle Round And round Go Along For The Ride And A Smile Almost Always Follows This Joy Drives Woodcarver Bob Your Burg And It’s crashed It Brings Joy And I Think The idea Of Bringing Some History Alive For Me Is Incredibly Exciting With Carousel Music Playing In The Background And The Smell Of Sawdust Filling The Air Of His Yorktown Heights Woodshop We Caught Him Hard At Work Chiseling Away At A Carousel Organ Top This Organ Will Be On A Trailer Which Is Going To Go From Show To Show He Carves Carousel Horses To Just That They Did Back In Their Heyday the Early 1900s yer Burg Is One Of Only A Half Dozen people That Still Carve Carousel Horses by Hand Starting With Rough Wood He Sands It Smooth Draws A Hoof By Hand next Chisels Out From Large To Small He’ll Mold His Acquire Likely Decorating It With A Canvas His Signature And He’ll Take One Other Liberty His Creatures Always Smile They Didn’t Do That At The Start Of The 20th Century Not Far Away At Katonah Image The Kiley Brothers Ogle One Of Their Carousel Creatures It’s One Of Hundreds 250 To 300 I Know Of The Collection Includes A Rabbit Donkey Even A Cow Thomas Tells Me They’ve Been Collecting since Their Teens Most Get Purchased In Rough Shape Then They Spend Time Refinishing Them To Their Former Glory A Buck Then And Now Parker Levin’s Worth Kansas Where It Was Made Parkers Were The Only Carousel Horses Not Made In Coney Island Back Then Now They’re Made and Restored In Westchester County With Hopes These Magical Mares Of A Bygone era continue To Go Round And Round For Generations To Come Vanessa Murdoch CBS 2 News

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