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Bear Mauls Florida Man

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Detected Closed Captioning: A Florida Man Says He’s Happy To Be alive After Being Mauled By A Four-foot Black Bear Outside His South Florida Home 41 Year Old Andrew Immune Heir Of Naples Let His Dog Out On The Night Of January 9th And When He Turned Around Saw The Bear Standing Right In Front Of Him Muni Are Told Wzvn Quote Everything Went In Slow Motion It Was Just As Scary As You Can Imagine The Bear Immediately Swiped Immune Ear In The Face With His massive Claws Leaving Him With A Gash Running Down The Top Of His Forehead – Just Below His Right Eye New Nears injuries Required 41 Stitches Neener Had Seen Bears In His neighborhood Before But Never That Close He Told Wzvn Quote I Don’t Care If This Scars Or Anything I Walked Away With My life And It Could Have Been A Whole Lot worse For United News International I’m Neela Uni

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