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‘No one can change Jerusalem’s identity’ – Palestinian president condemns Trump’s position on Israel

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Mass protests broke out in the West Bank, Turkey and Lebanon after Donald Trump announced that Washington will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Trump is also facing a backlash from other leaders, who say the move is detrimental and could have terrible consequences for peace in the region.
Journalists Jordana Miller and Mohammad al-Kassim told RT how the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships have reacted to Washington’s move.

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Detected Closed Captioning: In A Move That Has Been Met With Worldwide Condemnation The US President Has Announced Washington Will Officially Recognize Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel Donald Trump Also Said The American Embassy Will Be Moved From Tel Aviv To The Ancient City Which Has Long Been Contested By Israel And Palestine huge Protests Broke Out In The Muslim World Upon The News Therefore I Have Determined That It Is Time To Officially recognize Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel Yeah These Are Pictures Of How Parts Of The Muslim World Reacted To Trump’s Decision Mass Protests Breaking Out In The West Bank Turkey And Lebanon Trump Is Also Facing A Backlash From Other Leaders Who Say The Move Is Detrimental And Could Have Terrible consequences For Peace In The Region No One Has The Right To Play With The Face of Billions Of People For The Sake Of one’s Personal Ambitions Ignoring The Palestinian Muslim And Christian Rights in Jerusalem Will Only Fuel Further Extremism And Undermine The War Against Terrorism They Cannot Oppose People’s Feelings And Beliefs This Is A New Type Of Adventurism And Global Arrogance Of The US [Applause] [Music] King Salman Made Our Position Clear During His Telephone Conversation With President Trump Saudi Arabia’s Policy Of Regarding The Palestinians Will Never Change The Palestinian Issue Is A Primary Concern To Us We Warned The U.s. That Jerusalem May Stay Arab We’ve Warned Of The Consequences That Would Occur In Case The US And President Trump Took This Decision Which Will Damage US Relations with The Arab Nations Jerusalem Considered A Holy Site By Christians Jews And Muslims Is Not Recognized As The Israeli Capital By Most Of The International Community No country In The World At This Moment Has An Embassy To Israel In Jerusalem That’s Despite The Country’s Government Being Based There And Israel’s Own Claim That The Ancient City Is Its Capital Journal Is Covering The Region Jordan And Miller and Mohammed Al Qasim Spoke To Us And How The Palestinian And Israeli leadership Have Reacted To Washington’s Move Well Soon After US President Donald Trump Concluded His Speech President Mahmoud Abbas In A Televised Speech And Angry Speech To Be Honest With You condemned The Decision By The US President And Criticized This Decision Saying That Jerusalem Will Forever Be An Arab And The Capital Of The Palestinian future State And No One Can Change Its Identity These Deplorable And Unacceptable Measures Deliberately Undermine All These Efforts And Proclaim That The US Are Abandoning The Role Of Sponsor Of The Peace Process The Day Of played Over The Past Decade There Has Been Minor Clashes Throughout The West Bank And In Fact We’ve Heard That There Has Been Some Demonstrations In East Jerusalem There Will Be General Strike And Calls For Days Of Rage They’ve Heard also Reports Of Demonstrations In Amman Jordan And Also An Ankara The Capital Of Turkey In Front Of The US Embassy As Well As Demonstrations Of 300 Turks In Front Of The US Consulate In Istanbul wide Contamination Throughout The Middle East And The Muslim World With The Decision That President Donald Trump Took By Moving The Embassy From The City of Tel Aviv In Israel To Jerusalem As Well As Announcing That Jerusalem Is The capital Of Israel I Have To Say That Really Across The Political Spectrum Here Israeli Lawmakers And The Majority Of The Public Here Support This Move The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Put Out A Statement On YouTube This Is A Historic Day The President’s Decision Is An Important Step Towards Peace For There Is No Peace That Doesn’t Include Jerusalem As The Capital Of The State Of Israel You Went On To Call This A Just And Courageous Decision And He Called On other Countries To Follow Suit Now It doesn’t Look At This Moment Like Many Other Countries Will Follow Suit Overall this Is A Decision That Israelis Have been Praising Now If We Look At The Israeli Arab Lawmakers Of Course Very Different Reaction There The Head Of The Major Party Here That Serves In The Israeli Knesset Releasing A Statement Saying That Trump Is A Quote Hater That He Is Not Interested In Any Kind Of Peace Between Israelis And Palestinians by Making Because He’s Made This Kind Of Move Which Really Destroys He Said The Chances For Peace

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