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‘Illegal & reckless’: World leaders criticize Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital

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International leaders and the United Nations were quick to voice their concerns about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – calling Washington’s step to do so a radical one.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Meanwhile The US Embassy In Israel Is gearing Up For Potential Clashes Outside Its Doors By Implementing Extra Security Measures It Also Issued A Travel Alert forbidding Employees From Traveling To Jerusalem’s Old City International leaders And The United Nations Were Quick To Voice Their Concerns About recognizing Jerusalem As The Capital calling Washington Step To Do So A Radical One This Is Young This Is A Regrettable Decision Which France Does Not Approve Of Which Contradicts international Law And UN Security Council Resolutions We Disagree With The U.s. Decision To Move Its Embassy To Jerusalem And Recognize Jerusalem As The Israeli Capital Before A Final Status Agreement We Believe It Is Unhelpful In Terms Of Prospects For Peace In The region The European Union Expresses Serious Concern About Today’s Announcement By The United States president Trump The Aspirations Of Both Parties Must Be Fulfilled And A Way Must Be Found Through Negotiations The Fact Is That The Palestinians I Gained Totally Lonely That The Americans declared Themselves As A Known Fair And Known Balance Mediator Maybe Forever And That There Is No Future Whatsoever To any Kind Of A Peace Process In Those circumstances Well The The Immediate reaction Is One Of Outrage A Little Bit Perhaps Of Pity Towards The American People Who Are Led By A Man Who Seems To be As Clueless As He Is Ignorant About This Conflict About The Implication Of This Reckless Decision That He’s Just Taken And About The Diminished Standing that He Is Taking His Country To Because Of These Policies And And Because Of This Statement That Is Absolutely detached From Reality And And And And A Slap In The Face to The Intern In Entire International System This Step Is First Of All Illegal under International Law The Message That Trump Sent Out From The White House Today Is The United States Under The Trump administration Will Reward Countries For Violating International Law Will Reward Countries For Being Bullies Will Reward Countries For For Violating Human Rights and Shield Them From Any Form Of Accountability

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