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Seen At 11: Cosmetic Contamination

In Video by CBS New York

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Detected Closed Captioning: Like Contamination They All Look Really pretty They Have Really Nice Packaging But Makeup Artist Sherry Canal Wonders What’s Actually In All The Different Cosmetics On The Market Today It’s Overwhelming Sometimes And Not Just For The Consumer Less Than 1% Of Imported Cosmetic Product Is Actually Inspected Congressman Frank Pallone Says There Are Just Six Full-time Food And Drug Administration Inspectors To Monitor Three Million Cosmetic Shipments From Nearly 30,000 Foreign Companies That Come Into This Country Every Year and This Lack Of Oversight Has Allowed Potentially Dangerous Products To Make Their Way Onto Store Shelves We Know That Young People Are Particularly Susceptible To Some Of These Toxic Elements What Kind Of Toxic Elements We Randomly Bought Makeup From Three Discount Retailers Popular With Teens And Sent Them To An Independent Lab For Testing Each Product We Purchased Was Found To Contain Both Lead And Arsenic some Of Those Ingredients Can Be Absorbed Into Your Body And Get Into your Bloodstream Melanie Benesh Is An Attorney With The Environmental Working Group The Nonprofit Organization Publishes A Cosmetic Database Exposing Potential Health Hazards For More Than Seventy thousand Products We Have Been Looking for A Long Time At The Regulatory System Related To Cosmetics And It Really Is The Wild Wild West Benesh Says While There’s A Lot Of Regulation On The Books for Food And Drugs There Is Very Little In The Way Of Cosmetics And That Is What The Cosmetics Industry Lobby For In 1938 but With Cosmetic Imports Doubling Over The Last Decade Pallone Says Everyone Agrees It’s Time For Change And We’re Working With The Industry On bill He’s Introduced Legislation That will Require Cosmetic Manufacturers To Pay A Fee To Register With The FDA Those Fees Will In Turn Be Used To Better Regulate The Products You Like It Until Then There Are Ways To Protect Yourself you Can See Where Your Favorite Products Rank On The Environmental Working Groups Database And Experts Recommend You Only buy Products From Well-known Companies Jessica Moore CBS 2 News The FDA Says That Most Of The Problems With Imported Cosmetics But A Spokesperson Told CBS 2 That There’s Little They Can Do About It unless The Law Has Changed An Animal Blessing

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