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Scientists Unearth New Evidence of World’s Oldest Winemaking

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Detected Closed Captioning: Do You Enjoy The Nuanced Earthy Appeal Of Old-world Wine Me Too But We May Need to Create A New Category For The World’s Oldest Wine Researchers Working In The Republic Of Georgia Have Unearthed Ceramic Jar Fragments From The Neolithic Period The Tested Positive For Tartaric Acid A Telltale Sign Those Jars May Have Been Used For Winemaking One Of The Study’s Co-authors Called It Quote The Oldest Example Of The Domestication Of Wild Growing Eurasian Grapevine Solely For The Production Of Wine Those Jars Are Roughly 8,000 Years Old Which Would Push The Earliest Owned Winemaking Back Up To 1,000 Years From What Experts Previously Thought Findings Were Published November 13th In The Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences We Don’t Know What Wine Would Have Tasted Like In 6000 BC But The Study Notes Georgian Cultivars Close Relationship With Popular Grapes Like Syrah In P Don’t Know R For United News International I’m Matt Paul

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