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Hidden Fire Hydrant Is Boon For Traffic Tickets

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Published on Nov 14, 2017

Neighbors say a hidden fire hydrant makes for a ticket trap in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn. CBS2’s Valerie Castro reports.

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Detected Closed Captioning: It’s Hard Enough To Find Parking Here In Brooklyn On All Of The Cars On This street Appeared To Be In Legal Parking Spots But There Is One Place That drivers Say Is A Ticket Trap This SUV Seems To Be Parked In A Perfectly Legal Spot Even Clearing The No Parking At anytime Sign But Don’t Be Fooled Just glance Over The Nearby Fence When I Pulled Up Someone Was Like Oh You Shouldn’t Park There You’re Gonna Get A Ticket And I Was Looking I Was Like Why John Kebab’ Says It Was A Kind Stranger Who Pointed Out the Hidden Hydrant But The Driver Of The SUV Wasn’t So Lucky There’s A Bunch Of Tickets Zachary Holmes Says The Brand new Car And The Brand New Tickets belonged To His Brother He Was With Him when They Parked Sunday Night The Hydrant Is Even Harder To See In The Dark We Were Pretty Happy To Find The Spot It’s Not Obstructing Traffic And We Didn’t Think To Look Over The Fence For a Hydrant Because Who Does That The Owner Of This White Car Didn’t Think To Do That Either The Violation Comes With A Stiff 115 Dollar Fine Not A Cheap Ticket I Haven’t Looked At It But I Believe You If You Say It’s Kebab’ Says He Wants To Know Whose Bright Idea Was This You See The Signage Like If You Can’t Park There Why Would It They Put That Sign In Front Of There And Those Two You Know In Those Two Spots You Know It’s Like It Would make Sense The Office Of Councilmember Brad Lander Says It’s Heard Complaints From Residents And Passed Them Along To The Department Of Transportation Last Week The Office Was Told The No Parking sign Will Be Moved But When Is Anyone’s Guess We Reached Out To Do T And We’re Told The Department Is Still Looking into The Matter I Think My Brother’s Gonna Be Really Upset When He Gets Off work Today And Comes And Looks To This Car Some People In The Neighborhood Say They Are Considering Putting Up Their Own Signs To Warn Other Drivers Not To Park There In Windsor Terrace Brooklyn Valerie Castro CBS 2 News

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