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Florida Man Born White, But Feels Filipino

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Published on Nov 14, 2017

Born as a white man named Adam, a Florida resident says he is actually a transracial Filipino named Ja Du.

Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] He Was Born A White Man With A Name Adam but Now A Florida Man Considers Himself To Be A Filipino Named Jadoo Jadoo Is Translation That’s A Person Who Was Born One Race But Identifies With Another The Most Famous Case Is Rachel Dolezal Who Was Born White But Identified As Black dalla Cell Grows To Become President Of A Local US Chapter Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People She Resigns After She Was Revealed To Be White jadoo Told Florida Television Station WTSP That He Grew Up Around Filipino Food And Culture He Said Quote Whenever I’m Around The Music Around The Food I Feel Like I’m In My Own Skin Jadoo Says He Hasn’t Come Out To His Family And Worries They Won’t Treat Him Seriously For NIT News International In Metro Manila I’m Crystal Yeah

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