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Couple on Date Killed, Tossed Into Bataan Sea

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Detected Closed Captioning: two Young Filipinos On A Weekend Apparently Met Violent Deaths And Had Their Bodies Thrown Into The Button See The Couple Went On A Date Saturday November 10th In Wetland Park In Barangay Tortugas The Park Is A Tourist attraction In B’Elanna City Across Manila Bay From Metro Manila Fishermen discovered Their Bodies In Two Locations On Sunday Nineteen Year-old James Carl Guzman Was Killed With A Blunt Object On The Back Of His Head According To The Chief Of The National Police’s Crime Laboratory In Bataan 22-year Old Glory maker Brunel Was Raped And Hits With A Hard Object The Math Back In Other Parts Of Her Body both Guzman And Carbonell Works For jollibee But On Governor Abbott S Garcia Offered A Five Hundred Thousand Pesos Award For Information That Helps identify And Capture The Killers For another News International In Metro Manila I’m Crystal Yap

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