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New York’s Pumpkins Prime For The Picking This Year

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It should be easy to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween this year.

Detected Closed Captioning: Easy To Pick The Perfect Pumpkin For Halloween This Year’s New York Pumpkin Crop Is Prolific From What We’re Being Told That’s The Word From A Cornell University Horticulture Professor If It’s From Cornell You Know It’s Got To Be Right He Said September’s Warm Sunny weather Helped Ripen The Crop Minimize Pumpkin Diseases And Produce A Deep Orange Color His Advice For Purchasing Pumpkins Look For A Sturdy Stem Soft Stems Can Be The Pumpkin Is Prone To Rotting Don’t Buy Pumpkins With Any Soft Spots I Don’t Think We Needed Someone From Cornell To Tell Us That But Thank You And Then Less

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