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US strike kills civilians as Blackwater founder pushes plan to privatize Afghan war

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The White House has reviewed a proposal to outsource the job of training and assisting Afghan forces to private contractors, said Erik Prince, founder of the private security firm formerly called Blackwater.

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Detected Closed Captioning: At Least 16 Civilians Have Died In A U.s. Airstrike In Eastern Afghanistan according To Local Officials The US Military’s Acknowledged A Bombing Raid In Nangarhar Province But Claims Only Militants Were Killed Afghan Officials Have Disputed This New Way Heard From An Eyewitness Of A Strike And Becomes relatives My Father And My Mother Were both Killed 11 People Were Being Transported In The Vehicle Three Women Five Children And Two Men Were Killed And One Other Woman Was wounded Her Legs Are Blown Off The bombing Was Carried Out By Warplanes I Saw The Place Where The Airstrike Hit My Two Brothers My Mother And My Sister Were Killed The Latest Claims Above Civilian Deaths Come Amid Increasing Talk Of A Change Of Tact By The U.s. In Afghanistan Here Is Katelyn Moulton According To The Afghan Government These Civilians Were Killed In Eastern Afghanistan The US Government Says That That Is Not Accurate It Says That Only Militants Were Killed We Reached Out Specifically To The Pentagon To Get A Clarification And For More Information about The Situation We Did Not Receive an Answer Now This Comes As Donald Trump is Talking About Reworking U.s. Strategy In Afghanistan We Just Heard Him Speak On It And He Says His Intention Is To make It A Quote A Whole Lot Less Messy It’s A Very Big Decision For Me I Took over A Mess And We’re Going To Make It A Lot Less Messy But That Has Been A Place 17 Years Our Longest Wars I Read In One of Your Columns And Frankly It’s It’s Going To Be A Decision That’s Going To Make Very Soon Now At This Point Roughly 8400 US Troops Are In Afghanistan they’re Joined By Roughly 5,000 NATO Forces That Are There Alongside Them From Various NATO Countries The United States Has Been In Afghanistan For Over 16 Years There’s Been A Series Of incidents In Which Civilians Have Been killed And Increasingly In US Air strikes We’ve Also Seen Afghan Security Forces Being Killed Much Controversy surrounding Us Activities In The Country But As The US Intervention In The Country Continues There Have Been Calls From The Military For An Expansion Of The US Military Presence In Afghanistan now One Proposal Is Being Put Forward On Afghanistan And It’s Coming From Eric Prince Now Eric Prince Is The Founder Of A Private Security Firm A Military Contractor Formerly Known As Blackwater it Is Quite Controversial He’s Proposing that The USA Privatize Its War In Afghanistan There Would Be Contracting People Professionals Former Special Special Operations Veterans That Have experience In That Theater To Go Do That Work But They Be Profiting From The War well We’re Not There Now But Any Vendor again That Solves That Solution That’s That’s Capitalism That’s That’s What It’s About now The Expanded Use Of Military Contractors In Afghanistan And Other Parts Of The World Raises Questions Of accountability When Such Forces Violate International Law Or Engage In activities That Are Questionable But This Is Just One Of The Many Questions That Are Raging As The 16-year Intervention By The United States And Afghanistan Continues

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