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Trump considers military option for Venezuela

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President Trump said he’s considering using military force in Venezuela, even though it hasn’t been acting threateningly towards the U.S.

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Detected Closed Captioning: After Several Days Of Increasingly Charged Rhetoric With North Korea President Trump Turned His Attention To Another Country Venezuela We Have Many Options For Venezuela Including A possible Military Option If Necessary North Korea’s Continued Nuclear proliferation Is Responsible For Trump’s Talk Of A Potential Military Intervention But It’s Unclear Why He’s weighing The Same Option For Venezuela the Trump Administration Along With Many Other Countries Has Been Critical Of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro And His Creation Of A New Constituent Assembly It Can Override The Established Legislature And Rewrite The Nation’s Constitution Despite The Heavy Rhetoric Trump Declined To Say If He Wanted A Regime Change In Either Country I Think that Very Different Places So I Don’t Want To Comment But I Support A Peace I Support Safety And I Support Having To Get Very Tough If We Have To To Protect the American People And Also To Protect Our Allies Maduro Hasn’t Made The Same Kind Of Threats Toward The US Or Its Allies Like North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Has Maduro Recently Offered To Meet With Trump At The United Nations To Diplomatically Resolve Sanctions The u.s. Recently Leveled At Venezuela Between The New Assembly And Major Food Shortages Maduro S Government Has Sparked Massive Unrest In Venezuela At Least 120 People Have Been Killed In Violent Demonstrations Over The Past Few Months

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