So, Brian Fried had this idea…

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Perhaps Brian Fried should launch the re-inventors club.

Boasting many notches on his toolbelt – several inventions, a few commercial scores and a pair of how-to books for the entrepreneurial tinkerer – Fried is founder of Inventors and Entrepreneur Clubs in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. The networking groups have exposed him to makers at various points on the invention spectrum, and he’s helped several find their way.

Now, the corporate product-development consultant, host of the Got Invention Radio podcast and inventor of Pull Ties (a QVC hit) has re-tooled his body of work into an all-purpose inventor’s consultancy, with a national “soft launch” underway.

Fried has flipped the switch on Inventor Smart, a Melville-based consultancy offering a range of services to help inexperienced inventors navigate product-commercialization waters. They can be choppy, according to the entrepreneur, whose life’s work – as both an ally of inventors and an inventor himself – has exposed him to every stage of the commercialization process.

“I’ve been doing this for so long,” Fried told Innovate LI. “I’m putting it under a brand now that will have some national recognition.”

The prolific producer has concocted a six-step process including product evaluation, design assistance, patent and IP protocols, licensing and manufacturing guidance and marketing support – everything upstart inventors need to “achieve their dreams,” Fried noted.

“I’ve helped many inventors source their products and helped them with all the resources they needed to start their businesses,” he said. “It’s going to be more of a business at this point.”

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