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Sexism in Silicon Valley – Counting the Cost

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As Google finds itself in the centre of a gender gap media storm, we examine the prevalence of sexism in the workplace.

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Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] Hello I’m Sammy Say Dan This Is Counting the Cost On Al-jazeera your Weekly Look At The World Of business And Economics This Week Search Engine Giant Google Finds Itself At The center Of A Sexism Storm And One That Has Implications For The Workplace culture Of The Future Also This Week Red gold How The World’s Economic Growth Is Linked To The Millions Of Tons Of Iron ore That Australia Exports To Places Like China Plus Good Southern Spain Turn to Desert By The End Of The Century We Look At What Climate Change Means For The Region’s Economy Now This Week A mail Software Engineer At Google Wrote A 10 Page Manifesto Criticizing His Employer For Pushing Diversity Programs James D’amour Said Women Can’t Get Ahead In The Tech Industry Because Of Biological Differences With Men The Memo Went Public And Created A Social Media Storm The Mall Was Fired But The Story Rages On A Huge Online Debate Continues About Gender Stereotyping And Free Speech In The Workplace Well It’s Highlighting The Low Number Of Women And minorities In Technology Companies And It’s Exposing Attitudes Encountered By Women While Working In Tech The Latest Scandal Comes Just Months After Ride-sharing Giant Uber Faced Accusations Of A Toxic Sexist Work Culture The Entire Industry Now Struggling To Explain Why Women Are Underrepresented In Key Engineering Ranks And Are Often Underpaid Compared To Their Male Peers Looking At The latest Figures Available From Company Reports Women Only Account For 31% Of Google’s Workforce At Microsoft Only 26% of The Company’s Workers Of Female Over At Apple 32% Of Workers At The World’s most Profitable Company Are Female At Social Media Giant Facebook The Percentage Rises Slightly To 35 And At Amazon It’s 39 Percent All These Tech titans Are Very Much At The Forefront Of The Digital Economy So This Episode Also Raises Seems About What We Want The Workplace Of The Future To Look Like Well Joining us From London Now Is Priya Guha Priya is The Ecosystem General Manager At Rockets Faces New UK Technology Campus in London Rocket Space Is A SAN Francisco-based Global Network Of Technology Campuses That Helps The World’s Top Innovators Build Companies Delighted To Have You With Us What Do You Think This Whole Episode With Google Tells Us About How Prevalent Sexism Is In The Work Space Especially When It Comes To The Tech Industry Well Thank You Sammy For Inviting Me To Join You It’s A Pleasure To Be Here I Think This Episode With Google Shows That There Are still Many Issues Around Sexism In The Workplace And I Think It’s Been A wake-up Call For Those Of Us Who Are involved In Technology To Ensure That We are All Creating Working Environments Where This Sort Of Behavior Is Unacceptable Priya Is It Particularly Worrying When We Talk About Google Uber When We Talk About The Tech Industry These Are industries Of The Future What Does It Tell Us About Where Workplaces Are Heading In The Future Well I Think What We Need To Look At Is What Are The Issues That Are Being Exposed Here And I Think The Issues That Are Being Exposed there Around Bias And Don’t Actually Reflect The Value Out Of Those industries And The Importance Of diversity To Those Industries If You Look At Technology As A Sector We Need People From All Types Of Diverse Backgrounds To Be Going Into Technology to In Fact Build The Society We Want To See In The Future That’s Hugely Important To The Industry We’re Not Getting It Apparently According To One Study I Read Up By The National Center for Education Statistics Four Out Of Ten Most Popular Master Degrees They Say For Men Between 2011 And 2012 Included Tech Fields But For Women 0 Why Well I Think The Problem Doesn’t Just Start At The level Of Higher Education Summary The Problem Goes Right Back To What We’re Teaching Our Children At Schools If You Look At Children At Sort Of Five Or Six about Two-thirds Of Them Are Looking Actively At A Scientific Career In The future And Engineering Career In The future By That Time That Gets To 16 17 year-olds It’s About 20% Looking From From Women Who Want To Go into Computer Science University Degrees About 16% In Computer Science So We Have A Real Problem There To Understand You Know What Are The Issues That Are Stopping Women From Looking At Computer science As A Viable Career And I Think One Of Them Is Making Sure That We Have Visible Inclusive Work Workplaces For them To Join In The Future Another One Is For Them To Also See Role Models Around Them Who Are People That They Can Aspire To Who Are Working In Those Fields Now You Work With Women Entrepreneurs In The Tech Industry And You Mentioned Bias Just Give Us An Idea Of What They Face What They Go Through To Become Successful Well I Think You Know Women in The Tech Industry And In Fact Women in Many Other Industries Too Still Suffer From A Whole Range Of Discrimination In The Workplace Some Are More Serious Of Course And We’ve Seen Some Of Those Issues Highlighted recently Some Are More Around Unconscious Bias So What Are The Traditional Gender-based Roles That people Are Imposing On Women Things Like Making The Tea At Meetings Or Being The Person To Take A Note Those Are Still Things That Happen To Women In The Workplace There Are Still Things That happen To Women In Technology And Really You Know We’re Missing A Trick Here Because It’s Not About Just Looking At The Discrimination And Trying To Address the Discrimination Because It’s Just A Good Thing To Do Of Course It Is A Good thing To Do But This Isn’t About CSR This Is Actually About The Value That Were missing As Society The Value Of These Businesses If They Are More Inclusive about 34 Percent More Investment Returns For A Company With A Gender Gender Diverse Leadership That’s A Huge Value To An Investor So We Need To Think About diversity As Bringing Value To The Companies Just Not Just As The Right thing To Do I’m Talking About A different Kind Of Value Looking At The Controversy Surrounding The Whole Google Episode Do You Think That Freedom Of speech Is Being Used As A Cover For Bigotry Now The US Has You Know obviously A Real Association With Freedom Of Speech I Think There Is clearly A Place For People To Be Able To Voice Their Opinions But People Need To Voice Their Opinions In A Way That Doesn’t Mean Their Workplace Is An Uninviting Place For People From Very Diverse Backgrounds To Joy And I Think It Was Absolutely Right For Google To Take The Decisive Steps It Has Taken In This Particular Case And To Send A Very Strong Message To People both Within Its Work For Some People Who might Be Looking To Join Google In The Future All Right You Work With A Wide Range Of companies What’s Your Sort Of Advice To Them What Sort Of Policies Do They Need To Be Thinking About And Adopting In Order To Make The Workplace A Happier place For Women And Everybody Well I Think There’s Some Really Interesting Policies That Companies Now Looking At Everything From Having Blind Recruitment So Ensuring That When You’re Looking At CVS For Recruitment Positions You’re Not judging People Out Just Because Of The Name That There’s Put On The CV Itself making Sure That You Have Good Policies In The Workplace For All Types Of People to Be Able To Stay Including Policies like Parental Leave But Not Just Limited To Parental Leave Priya Girl Has Been Absolute Pleasure Talking To You Thank You So Much Thanks for Having Me Sammy Now Walt Disney Created A Bit Of A Stir In Hollywood This Week The World’s Largest Entertainment Company Announced It’s going To Launch Its Own Video Streaming Platforms It Also Says It’ll Be Heavily Investing In Original Content Well That means Its Vast Library Of Films Like Frozen Will No Longer Be Available On The Streaming Service Netflix From 2019 Netflix Shares Fell On News Competition Is Starting To Heat Up Big Changes Too In The Transportation Industry driverless Cars And Trains Are Already A Reality But Is The World Ready For Planes That Fly All By Themselves Well A study By Swiss Bank UBS Is Found pilotless Planes Could Save The Airline Industry Thirty Five Billion Dollars A year In Wages Training And Fuel Costs those Savings Could Be Passed On To Passengers With Air Fares Up To Eleven Percent Cheaper In The US But A Survey of 8,000 People Found More Than Half Of flyers Would Be Unwilling To Get On A Plane With No One At The Controls David Leave Is An Aviation Safety Researcher At Loughborough University He Says Pilotless Airliners Are Inevitable It’s Entirely Feasible The Main Problem At The Moment Is The Taxing Of The Airplane To And From The Runway but Essentially As Soon As The Aeroplane Gets The Runway The Automat It Can Take Over At That Point As Soon As The Pilots Push The Go Button On The Throttles That’s Really And Pull Back but That Can Be Automated There’s No Problem At All Until The Airplane Has Finished Its Landing Roll We Can And automatically In Fog And That’s How We Land Today It’s Just A Question Of fine-tuning The System To Double The Landing Rate Because Effectively The Landing Rate In Foggy Is Approximately half Of What It Is On A Normal Schedule Day I Can See Transition Over A Long Period Of Time To Something Like The Apollo Control Center You Would Have A Series Of Control Centers Around The World With A Group Of Experts The Aeroplane Would Identify Any Problems On Board If It Couldn’t Sort It Out Itself Then The Message Would Be Sent Via Satellite To The Control Center And Then They Would Be Able To Take Over And Make various Actions From The Ground So Yes I Think Once We’ve Proven The Technology In Say Freighter Aircraft Or Something Like That Then We Can Redesign A New Generation Of Passenger Airplanes To Be aerodynamically More Efficient And Then the Cost Will Drop Quite Considering automation Will Be Just Part Of That next Step Change Still To Come On Counting The Costs Corporate And Political Interest Versus Your Right To Privacy We Explore How One U.s. State Is Putting Itself The Middle Of This Online battle But First Iron Ore Is Australia’s most Important Export And It’s Key To fueling The Huge Growth We’ve Seen In China Over The Past Decade Andrew Thomas Reports From Western Australia Today Individuals In Australia Search For Gold Mostly For Fun Tourism Operators Take Out Day Trip Respecters Who Do Occasionally Find Very Little Nuggets When People Find That First Bit Of Gold Yeah You Can See The Color Change It’s Like It’s Just Gonna Go after You Gold Fever Is Fact It Exists A Century Ago In Australia Though Gold Fever Led To Gold Rushes And Some Prospectors Made Fortunes Now Valuable Quantities Of Gold Do Remain But It Takes Major Mining Operations To Get them Out This Affectionately Known As the Super Bit Is The Biggest Open Cut Gold Mine In Australia The Kalgoorlie Boulder Pit Down There May Be Australia’s Biggest Gold Mine But Gold Is Just One Of Many Commodities Australians Mine Australia Exports Billions Of Tons Of Iron Ore The Crucial ingredient Of Steel It Is The World’s Biggest Exporter Of Coal Offshore It Has Rights Over Huge Quantities Of Liquefied Natural Gas Thanks Mostly To China Australia Has Got Rich Except For Chinese People No Other Country Has Benefited More From China’s Industrialization Than Australia Because Most Of Its Mining Exports Are Towards China But A Couple Of Years Ago The Were Fears Australia Had Become Too Reliant On What It Could Dig Up And Ship Out Resource Prices Had Fallen I Know Us By About two-thirds In Two Years To Mid 2015 Some Economists Predicted A Recession But It Hasn’t Happened Commodity Prices Have Stopped Falling And The So Extent Of Recovered China’s Housing Market And So Its Demand For Steel That’s World But Not Collapsed And Though Per Tonne Prices Fell Australia’s Export Volumes Have Increased To Compensate Crucially To Australia’s Central Bank Has Slashed Interest Rates Stimulating The Economy By Reducing The Cost Of People’s Mortgages And Weakening The Currency To make Exports Cheaper The Might Yet Be Further Trouble Ahead But So Far Australia’s Had A Mining Boom Without A Subsequent Bust Now We’ve Heard Their How Volatile Commodity Prices Can Impact Mining Communities But Iron Ore Prices Have Been Heading Higher Recently On This Past Week Chinese Steel Producers In Four Northern Provinces Were Ordered to Curb Their Winter Output It’s All Part Of An Effort To Cut Chronic Air Pollution China Is The World’s Biggest Steel Producer And Any Reduction In Supply impacts The Global Market Fear Of A supply Disruption Is Driving Up Chinese Steel Futures And Iron Ore Prices And All Of That Is Helping Put A Shine Back On Mining Profits At Companies Like BHP Billiton And Rio Tinto Spain Has Been Experiencing Its Worst Drought For Decades The Lack Of Rain Means There’s less Water Available For Agriculture And Questions Are Being Asked About What The future Holds For The Countries Farmers Monaco VMs Are Reports From Prego De Cordoba In Southern Spain [Music] The Face Of Modern Agriculture These almonds Were Picked By Hand A Few Years Ago Now A Tractor Does The Job It’s Still Hard To Work These Men Say Especially Now Spain Has Been Hit Twice By Extreme Weather A Heat Wave And The Worst Drought In Decades Miguel Vida Is Examining His Olive Trees Spain Is The Largest Olive Oil Producer And The Weather Could Impact The Livelihoods Of thousands Of Families Mr. Mali La Llevo It’s Not In Bad Shape It Could Be Better but The Trees Will Adapt So That’s How I see See That In There Olive Trees Are Extremely Resilient And Some Of These Here Are More Than 500 Years Old But With The Predictions About Climate Change What Many People Are Wondering Is Is These Trees Are Still Going To Be Around In The Next 500 Years the Olive Plant Only Produces The Flowers It Can Support With The Amount Of Rain It Gets But Modern Agriculture Does Intensive Oil Farming It Produces More But Requires Large Quantities Of water The Largest Family-run Producers In Spain Have Gathered For Tasting The Amount Of Rain And Olive Gets Is Crucial of Course Can Affect To The Quality because They All Leave The Final Product is Going To Be Less Intense So Maybe It’s Gonna We’re Gonna Feel Some Difference Now In The Bitterness In The in The Flavor But You Know It’s Not Gonna Affect The Mud Miguel And His Partner Francisco Are Worried The Country’s Production Could Be Cut By Half Next Year Its Francisco’s Children Alberto And Sarah Who Have To Cope With future Challenges I’m An Optimist I Don’t Think This Drought Will Affect Us There Was A Massive Drought In 1995 And We Managed To Survive That The Industry’s Dilemma Should There Be Less Oil Of A High Quality From Ancient trees Or Mass Production From New Water Dependent Trees They Are Banking On The First And After Now It’s Been A Good choice Their Oil Is Ranked Among The world’s Top Ten But The Success Of This sixth Generation Company And The Industry As A Whole Hangs In The Balance and The Weather Is Something No One Can Predict Joining Us From New York Now Is professor / Goldberg He’s The Director Of The Global Change Institute And Program Director Of Healthy Oceans Good To Have You With Us Well The Recent Heat Wave In Europe May Be Over But The Studies Point Quite A Wiring Picture About Future Weather Patterns When It Comes To Southern Europe And The Mediterranean Don’t They Absolutely they’re Really Long-term Trends Now That Are Showing Parts Are Drying And Other Parts Are Getting Wetter But Overall It’s Not Good On On Either Side Of That Coin Not Good At All Especially For Countries Like Spain Which We’re Told Studies Say Are Losing Their Fresh Water supply Why Is There All Down To Climate Change Well It’s Shifts In Ocean Temperature relative To Land That Shifts Weather Systems Away From Where They Normally Would Be Delivering Water And So When You Look At Spain It’s Had A Huge Drop In Terms Of The Rainfall Over The Last 40 To 50 Years So Basically Half Of Spain Plus Portugal Has Been You Know Really Just Drying And Of Course That Has Implications For All Sorts Of Other Things Like Fires And Of Course We Saw Those Horrific Fires In western Spain And Portugal So There Are Consequences Of That Loss Of Water That Go Well Beyond Drinking And Agriculture Which Are Important In Themselves But What’s Really Part Of The Why We Call It Climate Change Is That Other Parts Of Europe Are Getting Wetter We’re Getting Greater Sweet So You Know Even In Those Places Is There’s Droughts Plus Also You Know Really Heavy Inundation And It’s That That’s Exceeding Our Systems For Controlling Floodwaters And So On That Then Translators Real Impacts On Infrastructure And You Know Many Of The Insurance Companies Are Seeing A Steady Rise In the In The Claims As A Result Of This and They Even Within Europe I Mean Some Studies Are Saying Within 90 Years Parts Of Europe May Be Heading Towards Desert Land Well You Know Plants Need Water Once You Start To Deprive Them Of That That Water And Need Know As I Said That you Know Really The Mediterranean In Terms Of The Countries That Rimless We’ve Seen Land Sea Or Semi Inland Sea are Showing Very Rapid Rates Of Drying we’re Seeing Scientists In The U.s. Coming Out With A Different Picture Shall We Say On The Climate Change Than the One That The Trump Administration has Been Promoting Will They Impact The White House Do You Think Ah Look I Think Many People Point To The Many Actions That Are Happening At The Sub-national level So Steps Taken By California Or You Know New York And So On People Are Feeling That The You Know The American president Is A Bit Of A Transitory Phenomenon And While We Have Someone At the Moment Who Doesn’t Believe In Science Hopefully Won’t Be A You Know The Case In The Next Presidency That Said Many Scientists Fear That The Interference That The White House Can Play In Terms Of Reversing You Know Careful Rules That Have Been Set Up To Protect The Health Of Americans And To To Deal With The Problem Of Climate Change You Know Will Take Decades To Reverse Because They Have To Then Go Through The Whole Process Again And Of Course We Don’t Have Decades When You Look At What Is Required To Stabilize you Know The Climate Now We’re Talking About Action Over Years And Potentially a Couple Of Decades To Get To Sort Of Zero Emissions Or As Close As We Can To You Know Sources Of Energy And Food production And So On That Have Zero emissions Well Looking At Things From The Other Way Around Do You Think Then That The Trump administration Will Have Much In Act On Much Of The Rest Of The Worlds Approach The Climate Change Well I Mean If You Look At What’s Been Going On It’s Almost Like The Trump Effect Has Sort Of Made People Double Down On Dealing With the Issue Of Climate Change I Mean You Know Macron Merkel You Know The leadership And The You Know The Kingdoms there’s A Resolve There To Deal With This Problem And So In Many Ways I Think The The Non Science Stance Of The Trump White House Is Really You Know A Ship passing In The Night I’m Sure This Will Will Fade At Some Point I Mean The Very fact That You Know One Of The Countries That Has Had Such A Great Tradition In Science Should Be Led By Someone Who’s not Into You Know In Science Free In Terms Of The Way Decisions Are Made It’s quite Incredible I Mean The Americans Have Had A An Enormous Impact On On Solutions To The Climate Issue You Know And Then If You Look Worldwide You Say Okay Well We’ve Got The White House Over here But You Look At What China Is Doing You Look At One You Know Asia And And The Range Of Countries That Are Sort Of Now Responding To This Issue It’s Very Heartening Given How Serious It Is All right Thanks So Much Good Talking To You Professor / Goldberg They’re Nice To Talk To You Semi Unlike Many Of Us Tens Of Millions Of Americans Use The internet To Shop Socialize And Entertain Themselves But There’s Growing Concern About Online Privacy Under President Donald Trump Earlier This Year Many National Safeguards Were Scrapped By His Administration Now California Is Home To Many Tech Companies As We Know It’s Trying To Protect A Very Valuable Commodity Your Personal Data Jacob Ward Reports From San Francisco In Spite Of Widespread Outrage The US Congress Earlier This Year Did Away With National Internet Privacy Rules Introduced Under President Obama Why Would You Want To Give Out Any Of Your personal Information To A Faceless Corporation For The Sole Purpose Of Them Selling It But The State Of California the World’s Sixth Largest Economy Could Start Holding Itself To A Stricter standard A New Bill Would Force The Companies That Sell Internet Access Here to Change The Way They Do Business The Bill Does Something Real Straightforward Before Your Cable Or Telephone Company Can Use Your Personal information And Resell It They Have To Get Your Permission First The Electronic Frontier Foundation Which Signed On In Support Of The Bill Argues That Without Such Regulation It Is A Very Risky World it’s Scary I Mean It’s It’s A World Where No One Could Go Online And Feel That They Have Any Control About Revealing Personal And Sensitive Information About Themselves So Why Should We Care About This Law Well When A Californian Like Me Sits Down At A Coffee Shop And Opens This Laptop The Company That Sells Internet Connection To This Coffee Shop Can See Everything that I Do On The Internet And If They Can Connect That Information To The Last Time I Was On Their Network Pretty Soon They’ve Got A Really Good Idea Of Who I Am Where I Am And The Sites I Like To Go to Serge Eagleman Who Studies Privacy And Tracking Point Out That It’s Not What ISPs Will Do With That Information Themselves The Threat To Privacy Comes From Everyone Else Who Buys It Political campaigns Might Go To Some Of These You know Data Aggregators To Try And Figure Out You Know A List Of People Who They Might Think You Know Might Support Their Candidate There’s Also Potential employers So Potential Employers Might Be Interested About Your Interests About You Know Whether They Think That You’re responsible Person Based On Those interests And Your Online Activities insurers Could Potentially Use The Information When Determining You Know whether Or Not Europe You Know A High Risk Or Not Know Internet Provider In California Responded To Our Requests For Comment But A Recent National Opinion Poll Indicated That The Vast Majority Of Americans Believe Internet Providers Need The Permission Of Their Customers Before They Trade Their Personal Data only One State Seems To Have Heard Them And That’s Our Show For This Week You can Get In Touch With Us By Using The hashtag A JCTC When You Do Or Drop Us An email Counting The Cost At Al Jazeera Dotnet Is Our Address And There’s More For You On Line At Aljazeera.com Slash CTC That’ll Take You straight To Our Page Which Has Individual Reports Links And An Entire Episodes For You To Catch Up On Well That’s It For This Edition Of Counting the Cast I’m Sam Is A Then From The Whole Team Here Thanks For Joining Us for News On Al Jazeera Is Next [Music]

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