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Rock Out For A Good Cause At “Fight 4 Autism”

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Rock out with your Nerd Out

Published on Aug 12, 2017

CBS2’s Andrea Grymes speaks with rocker and Broadway star Constantine Maroulis. along with “Fight 4 Autism” founder Johanna Burke.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Style: } } ## So Great To Have You Here Rock Out For A Good Cause This Weekend At A Free Concert To Benefit Fight For Autism A Nonprofit Dedicated To Helping Families living With Autism Rocker And Broadway Star Constantine Marula So You Just Heard Some Of His Music Will Be Among The Celebrity Guests Taking The Stage Tomorrow At The Hawthorne Borough Ban shell In New Jersey And He’s Here Along With Fight 4 Autism Founder Johanna Burke Thank You Both So Much For Being Here We Appreciate It Thank You So Much For Having Me Good morning Thank You For Having Us So Johanna Let Me Start With You Tell Us A little Bit About Your Organization And Your Son Okay So Fight For Autism Was Started By Myself And My Co-founder Laurie Fairly Know We Are Both Mothers of Children On The Autism Spectrum Our Children Are On The Severe End Of The spectrum That’s My Son Aiden This Is Alec Aiden Is 14 Years Old And He Has Severe Autism He’s Completely Nonverbal He Cannot Take A Shower By Himself He Cannot Dress Himself He Cannot Get Himself Something to Eat He Has Epilepsy He Has Bipolar Depression He Has OCD A Severe Sensory Disorder As Well As severe Verbal And Global Apraxia He Is My Hero He Has To Get Up Every Day And Learn How To Live In Our World Which Is So Very Hard For Him And He’s The inspiration Why I Started Fighting Fight For Autism Fight For Autism What We Do Is We Fundraise Monies And Then We Give Back To Families Living In Northern New Jersey To Help Them Pay For Respite Care After-school Care Therapies IPads Communication Devices Whatever They Need because Resources Are So Limited For Families Like Ours And Most Families Like Ours One Parent Has To Stay Home So we Take Care For The Children Help Care for The Children And It’s A Huge Financial Burden Konstantin I Know A Lot of People Remember You From American idol’ Years Ago Of Course You’ve Done A Lot Of Amazing Things Since Then If You Can I’m Probably Everything How Did You Get Involved Born In Brooklyn And Then Grew Up In New Jersey New Jersey Yeah In North Jersey I actually Grew Up In Bergen County In Wyckoff But Really Just You Know A Few Miles Away From Where We’re Gonna Be Doing The Show Tomorrow Night Of Course Actually My Mother’s Hairdresser Terri [Laughter] And Always Took Care Of My Father When He Was Very Sick Would Come To The House And Cut His Hair My Father Suffered Four From Parkinson’s Disease And Spinal stenosis For Many Years And She’s So good To My Mother And She’s A Great singer Big Fan You Know Always A Great Supporter Of Mine And She Cuts My Hair Too Sometimes asked Me To Be A Part Of This And Of course You Know I I Was Really You Know all On Board For It Great Cause Yes You Know Just Great people To Work With And You Know I Got To Meet Anthony Who Is More On The You Know Highly Functional Sort Of Side Of Of Autism And He Plays Drums Great Performer Actually Young Man Handsome Kid So Enthusiastic About Music And everything And You Know You Could See The You Know The Broad You Know The Spectrum If You Will Of This You Know This Affliction You Know So But He’s hardly Functional And And You Can See You Know He’s So Locked In When He’s Playing Music You Know And Know Just really Excited About Being There And just Rocking Out For Everyone We’re gonna Be Doing Some You Know Stuff For Matt Rock Of Ages And Some Of My Stuff Some Things From American Idol It’s gonna Be A Great Night The Hawthorn Rock all-stars Are Gonna Be There Just A Great Sunday Night New Jersey For A Great Cause And Again You Know All Proceeds Go Directly To To Families In Need And You Know It’s Nice To Be Able to Be In A Position To Help Out For Sure And What Else Can People Expect Because it It Is Free To Show Up But Then You Are Asking For Donation Yes It Is Free To Show Up We Are Asking For Donations We Will Be Selling T-shirts And Bracelets And All Kinds Of Things But Any Any Proceeds Will Will Come Directly to Fight For Autism So We Could Help Other Families This Year Alone Fight For Autism Has Raised Over $50,000 And We Were Able To Help Over 40 Families This year That’s Wonderful I’m Very Happy About That And I Just Wanted To Let You know You Can Expect Sunday Night And Awesome Lineup As He Said Anthony Palouse We Have 15 Performers Who Have Volunteered Their Time And Their All-nighter Residents Of Whore Thorn That’s One they’re Coming Out For This Great Quad and One Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita Is Also Gonna Be In North Jersey She’s An Incredible Woman I Know Her Daughter And Yeah We’re So Happy To Have Her Support And Honestly They Are Great People And You Know It’s Great To Be In A Position To Give Back So Many People Give More Than you See You Know More Than You Get To See On Just On Television So We’re So Happy To Have A Great Lineup It’s Gonna Be An Awesome Night Come Down It’s Sunday Night You Know You Can Still Get Home And Watch The Late Game Of Thrones [Laughter] Are You Working On Now I Was Just An Asia Touring Which Is Cool I Have A New show For Set For Broadway You’ll Hear about It Soon In The Fall But My New Single Is Out All About You Go To Constantine Marilla’s Calm And Check Me Out On The Socials Keep The Conversation Going I Love Being Able To Help Out And Thank You Franklin Thank You Both So Much They Got A Rock Thanks TV Thank You Guys We Appreciate It Thank You For Being here And The Fight For Autism Event Is Tomorrow Night Starting At 6:00 At The Hawthorne Borough Bandshell And We’ll Have All The Information Also On Our website Cbsnewyork.com We’ll Be Right Back [Music] [Applause]

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