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Rally in US city of Charlottesville turns deadly as car rams into counter-protesters

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At least one person has been killed by a vehicle that crashed into a crowd of counter-demonstrators who were marching against a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The rally organised by the ultra-nationalist group, “Unite the Right”, was planned to voice opposition to the removal of a Confederate statue and has been described as one of the largest white supremacist events in recent US history.

But Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was forced to declare a state of emergency after violence broke out in the city.

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Detected Closed Captioning: We Begin In The US City Of Charlottesville Where Protesters Have Been Injured After A Car Was Driven Apparently Deliberately Into A Group Of protesters At Moments You’ve Just Seen they’re Captured On Video By By Standards And It’s Clear That A Number of People Were Injured Although It’s Not Clear Exactly How Many Or The Extent Of Their Injuries It Followed A Rally Plan By White Nationalists Which Was Disrupted By Anti Racism Protesters Well Earlier They Opposing Protesters Exchanged Punches Hurled Water Bottles And Fired Chemical Sprays At Each Other it Took Place Before A Rally To Protest The Removal Of A Statue Of A Confederate General From A Park In The City The State Of Emergency Has Now Been Declared in Charlottesville Let’s Go Live To Mike Conner Who’s In Washington DC Hi There Mike How Many More Details Do We Have About The Shots Of That Car That We Saw Ramming Into People Well Details Still Very Sketchy At The Moment As You Say We Going Just On The Pictures That You Just Saw That Would Appear To Indicate That There Have Been a Number Of Injuries In That Particular incident Whether It Was Intentional That’s Pure Speculation No Fool Details As To What Is Happening We’ll Be Watching That And Let You Know As Soon As More Details Come In But This The Culmination Will Indeed A Continuation Of An Ongoing Situation With In Charlottesville Which Has Been Brewing The Entire Morning Clashes Between Far-right And Nationalist Supporters And Those Who Are More Moderate As One Might Put It These Clashes Have Been Ongoing For Much Of The Morning And Indeed Late Last Night A Number Of Injuries Have Occurred In The Course Of These The Situation At The Moment Is That The Police Have Intervened They’ve Prevented A Rally Taking Place In The Park Which was Expected To Be A Flashpoint This What Used To Be Called The Robert E Lee Park Its Name Was Changed To The Emancipation Park And This All Whole Protest Is About The Proposed Removal Of A Statue Of Confederate General Robert E Lee From That Particular Part There’s Something Deeply Opposed By The Right-wing Protesters Who’ve Been Gathering In Force In The Course The Past 48 Hours Mike How Much Attention Is Washington Ping To What’s Going On And Is There Any Sense That You’re Getting that Things Are Calming Well Washington as In Terms Of Governance Well There Is summer Recess So Members Of Congress Are Back In Their Home Districts At The Moment Obviously They Are All Closely Monitoring The Situation As Indeed Is president Trump Who Is Still On A Working Vacation As He Put It At His Golf Club In New Jersey He Has Made A couple Of Statements In The Course Of The Day By Twitter He Has Said In Particular That There’s No Place For This Kind Of Violence In The US And He Said Let’s Come Together As One Now We’re Expecting A Statement From The President Within The Next Few Minutes spokesperson Has Said That He Will Be Speaking To This Ongoing Situation And Expect To Hear More From The President In His Particular Position On This Ongoing Crisis Within The Next Few minutes

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