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N.Korea will ‘regret it fast’ if threatens US again – Trump

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US President Donald Trump has ratcheted up his rhetoric against the leader of North Korea. After the regime’s latest threat of a missile strike near a U.S. territory in the Asia region, the President sent the following warning to Kim Jong-un.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Donald Trump Has Ratcheted Up His Rhetoric Against A Leader Of North Korea After The Regime’s Latest Threat Of A Missile Strike Near A U.s. Territory In The Asia Region The President Sent The following Warning To Kim Jong And He Utters One Threat Or If He Does Anything With Respect To Guam For Any Place Else That’s An American Territory For An American Ally He Will Truly Regret It And He Will Regret It Fast From Tweeter the US Army Is Locked And Loaded Against The Secretive East Asian State It’s The latest In A Long Line Of Rhetoric From the American Leader What Korea That’s Not Make Anymore Threats To The United States They Will Be Met With Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen the People That Were Questioning That Statement Was It Too Tough Maybe It Wasn’t Tough Enough What Is there It’s A Statement Has Nothing To Do It There That’s A Statement While It’s Still A War Of Words For Now Western Media Reports The Pentagon Has Planned For A Preemptive Strike On North Korea’s nuclear Facilities But That’s Raising fears Across The Border And Soul As Ilia petrenko Explains So What If Mr. Trump Goes For It And All These Roughly Two Dozen North Korean Missile Launch Sites testing Grounds And Other Facilities Go Boom There Is No Way Kim Jeong-hoon Won’t Take Revenge What Are They Going To Aim At If They Invade North Korea’s Sovereignty And Dignity Our Army Will Launch The Merciless Ultra Precision Strikes From The Ground Air Sea And Underwater So They’d Better Stop Being Reckless And Even Without The Stuff Trump Wants To Wipe Out They Got Quite the Arsenal Porn Leash Hell Over The 38th Parallel For Decades North Korea has Been Prepping Artillery For That Very Moment And Now What They Got Loaded And Ready To Fire Are 12,000 Pieces Of Tube Artillery And 2300 Units Of Multiple Launch Rocket Artillery [Music] The Direction Southward It’s Clear Where Precisely Will Kim Point The Crosshair Here Two Words For You To Learn Counter Force And Counter Value Targeting South Korean And Possibly Even US Military Facilities Near The Demilitarized Zone versus An Attack To Destroy Economically Critical Infrastructure And To Cause Immense Civilian Casualties I Mean It When I Say Immense Look At The Range Of North Korean Artillery Beyond The Border millions Of People Live There More Than half Of South Korea’s Population So With Roughly 10 Million Residents In Cheon With Almost 3 Million And Suwon Over 1 Million All These Cities Are In That Zone And Some Estimates Say That 48 Hours Of Pyongyang S Artillery Wage May Kill Over 100,000 In And Around Seoul Alone But What Kind Of Specific North Korean Threat Have We Been Mostly Hearing About From The Folks On TV That Dramatic Escalation In Tensions With North Korea Overnight The Regime Divides defied President Trump With A New Threat Against The U.s. Territory Of Guam chilling New Warning Comes As The Rogue Nation Threatens To Strike Guam Home To Thousands Of Us Servicemembers This Is A Regime That’s Trying To Not Only establish Its Power But Demonstrate Its Power Everyone’s Playing The Count Kim’s Missile Range Game Though Even If It Is Capable Of Reaching The U.s. Island In The Pacific How Realistic Is The Threat Of A Successful Launch A Launch That Would Dodge America’s AMD So With The Offensive And Defensive Systems That The United States Has Vote In This Leasing In The Air Force I Would Think It’s A Very Low Risk That Would Be Successful Particularly In Wom If You Are US Citizen On The Coast Of Guam No Doubt you’re Still Pretty Stressed But Hey Say that To South Koreans From Somewhere Near Seoul They’ll Be The First To Get Zapped If Mr. Trump Pulls The Trigger

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