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Is Kenya’s democracy in danger?

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Extending a ‘hand of friendship’ —

That’s the message from Kenya’s newly elected incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta to his rival, after one of the most hotly contested campaigns in recent years.

But the opposition is refusing to concede defeat.

There’s been violence in the opposition stronghold of Kisumu and the capital Nairobi.

Kenya has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and it’s often cited as a stable democracy.

So, will tensions arising from this election put its future at risk?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Joseph Simekha – Presidential Campaign Secretariat for opposition leader Raila Odinga

Joyce Laboso – National Assembly Deputy Speaker for the ruling Jubilee Party and newly elected Governor of Bomet County

Irungu Houghton – Associate Director of the Society of International Development

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Detected Closed Captioning: It’s Just Another Presidential Election that Put Kenya On The Edge Incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta Has Been Declared The winner But His Rival Is Refusing To Concede defeat So How Will Kenyatta Overcome This And What Does It Mean For Democracy In Kenya This Is Inside Story [Music] Hello And Welcome To The Program I’m Marcin Dennis Now Extending A Hand Of Friendship That’s A Message From Kenya’s Newly Elected Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta To His Rival After One Of The most Hotly Contested Campaigns In Recent Years But The Opposition Is Refusing To Concede Defeat There’s Been Violence In The Opposition Stronghold Of Kisumu As Well As In The Capital Nairobi We’ve Got A Lot To Get To With Our Guest But First Mohammed Edo Has The Latest From Nairobi After A Three-day Wait For The Results Of A Heated Presidential Election That brought The Country To A Near Standstill a Winner Was Finally Declared I Therefore Wish To Declare Under Barack initrah Hirokin Yattawan Reelection By A Significant Margin Defeating His Longtime Opponent Raila Odinga Who Who who Made An Emotional And Conciliatory Speech To A Nation Divided By One Of The most Hotly Contested Elections In History To Our Brothers Who Were Worthy Competitors We Are Not Enemies We Are All Citizens Of One Republic As With Any Competition They Shall Always Be Winners And There Shall Be Losers But We All Belong To One Great Nation Called Kenya And I Extend A Hand Of Friendship Election Officials Have Spent Most Of Thursday And Friday Verifying Results Sent Into The National Tallying Center From All Corners Of The country Moments Before The Results Were declared Agents Of The Opposition Candidate Raila Odinga Walked Out In protest Saying They Did Not Want To Be Party To The Process Of The Declaration of The Results They Say This Is Not The Last We Have Heard Of This Matter Raela Claims The Results Are Fictitious the Longtime Opposition Leader First Alleged That A Haka Had Gained Access To the Electoral Commission’s Database And Then Accused The Commission Of Concealing The Actual Results Which He Said Proved He Was The Winner The Commission Denied Both Claims But Did Confirm They Had Been A Failed Hacking Attempt At One Point Opposition Claimed Victory Funning Already Rising Tensions I Think This Has Been An Entire Charade this Is A Disaster You Do Not Just Hold An Election For The Sake Of It And The Election Is Not About Announcing winners And Losers Elections Is A Process Is About Participation Is About Exercise Of Political Rights In Nairobi Kenya Toss Victory Was Greeted With Celebrations Hundreds Of His Supporters Gathered In The Heart Of The City protests Followed The Declaration Of The Results In Parts Of Kazuma One Of Kenya’s Biggest Cities And An Opposition Stronghold Demonstrators Also Burn Tires Set Up Roadblocks And Clashed With The Police in Parts Of The Capital Nairobi Security Has Been Beefed Up Across The Country most Kenyans Are Keen To Avoid A Repeat Of The Violence That Followed The 2007 Election In Which More Than 1200 People Were Killed For People Here There Is A Sense Of Relief But Without The Opposition Conceding Also Some Nervousness About The Days Ahead Mohammed Al Jazeera Nairobi Kenya All right Time To Introduce Our Guests Now They’re All In Kenya And We Start In Nairobi With Joseph Sim Eka He’s From The Presidential Campaign Secretariat for Raila Odinga In Vomit County Joining Us On Skype We Have Joyce Lubber Sue Who Is The National Assembly Deputy Speaker For The Ruling Jubilee Party As Well As the Newly Elected Governor Of Vomit County Also In Nairobi We Have A Dongle Houghton Is Director Of Chapter One That’s A Civil Society Organization which Focuses On Governance And Accountability Welcome To You All Iran Can I Start With You Because You Are In the Capital We’ve Just Seen Some Scenes Which Look Terribly Ominous We’ve Got soldiers On The Streets Tires Are Burning We’ve Got Lots Of Young Men Of Fleeing Down Streets How Representative Are Those Scenes Of The Situation In The Country As A Whole Would You Say Well I think If You Were To Isolate It We’ve Probably Got About Three Out Of Eighty five Wards In Nairobi That Are Seeing Scenes Of This Nature And If You Look At It Nationally It’s Probably Two Of The Count Two Of The 48 Seven Counties So It Is A Fraction Of The Country But It Is Nevertheless Very Worrying And We’re Hearing From The Kenya Red Cross That’s up To 30 People May Have Lost Their lives Since The Announcement Yesterday and Therefore There Is A Matter Of concern And An Urgency For All The Political Leaders To Call On The demonstrators To Be Nonviolent And To Restrain From Any Form Of Violence On The Streets Of Nairobi But At The Same Time Also To Call On The Police To Exercise More Restraint And To Ensure That They Do Not Use Excessive Force On Civilians And Coming To You Joseph When Will Your Coalition The NASA Coalition And Riley Road Inga Accept Defeat And Accept The Election Results And Then Put An End To The Tension That Is Costing Human Lives Do You Accept Defeat In An Election If And When You Have Been Defeated Justly and In Accordance With The Rules provided For Conducting This Kind Of Election You Do Not Accept As An election That Has Been Stolen You Do Not Accept Defeat Right Lord Inga Has Not Been Defeated This Election Has Been stolen It’s So Blatant It’s So Clear So or This No Reason Why You Should Accept and This Is Not About Reloading And The NASA Coalition This Is About Kenya This Election Was For Kenyans This Decision Was For Kenyans Not For Allured Inga Not For The NASA Coalition And Joseph But Nobody Seems To Agree With You All The International Monitors From The African Union The EU The Carter Society Led By John Kerry They All Said That The election Was Conducted In A Free And fair Manner That They Thought The Result Was A Fair And Accurate Representation of The Will Of The People Of Kenya Although International And Local Observers Have A Role To Play In An election The The Responsibility Of making Decisions In An Election Is The Responsibility Of The Voters The Citizens Those Who Are Voting Secondly The There Is This Determinant Or The Standard Of Freeness And Fairness Of This Election Is As Prescribed By Our Constitution Our Laws And Our Procedures is Not According To What Kerry Thinks Is Not According To What The EU Thinks Is Not According To What The Africa Union Things And You Know What This Is A Very Common Song That Observers Sing For Them For As Long As This There Is A Sense Of false Peace Or A False Sense Of Peace they Will Tell You That They Will Say The Election Is In Spite Of A Few Irregularities There Are True Reflection Of The Will Of Kenyans And The People were Demonstrating Right Our Canyons And Today The People Were Getting Killed Our Canyons Aren’t They This Sample Is A Grievance They Have That’s Why They Are Demonstrating And Joyce Coming To You We’ve Just Heard Some Of The Objections Coming From Jays aside In In The Election After Spending at Least Half A Billion Dollars On This Election Wouldn’t You Have Expected It To Have Been A Perfect Pristine Affair instead Of Having All These Problems that Have Led To The Results Being Questioned By The Opposition And As We’re Seeing In The Country People On The Streets Protesting And Of Course Some Unfortunately Losing Their Lives I That Is One Way Of Looking At It But I Can Assure You That The Elections Were held In A Very Transparent And Free And Fair Way All That The Complaints Are Being Made All Of Us Were Seeing The Results Coming Real Time Each Person And all The Forms That They Have So The Physical Form That Has Been Signed In Every Polling Center Showing Exactly The Number Of Votes That Were Cast In That Polling Center Signed By The Agents Across The Country And Then There Is Of Course That That Which Was Being Transmitted You Know That Was Being Transmitted Digitally So Really Of All the Letters That Have Been Done In This Country These Are The Elections That Have Been The Most Transparent And The Most You Know Free And Fair And Very You know When Were Able To See There Is Such As They Were Coming What Is Going On right Now You Know I Mean It Is It Is Just After A Result Of Not Being You Know Not Really Getting The Numbers You you Know It’s Not Anybody’s Fault But they Do Believe Matter That I Belong To You Know Did Everything But Bent Over Backwards All The Things That The Opposition Had Asked For We’re Done So Why Do You Think I’m Sorry George But So Why Do You Think There Are So Many Objections With Regard To The Procedure Of This Election The Process Why Are There So Many Complaints Coming From The it’s Not So Many It Is Not So Many Complaints It Is Not So Many Complaints Quite Clear I Mean If The Observers Have You Have You Read That If It Was From The Observers Across You Know Different Groups Of Observers You Know It’s Definite This Appointment The Fact That The Test Didn’t Have The Numbers You Know You Don’t It’s Not Like This A A Big Problem Across The Country It Is very Much Very Sporadic And It Very You know Areas That They Are Position To Me just Like An Expression Of disappointment But Really The Process was Very Very Clear From The Beginning we Got All The Information Right Through all The Time We Had Very Clear Information Of What Was Happening What Was Happening Next At All The Streams Across The Country Everybody Was Able To follow You Know The Numbers As They As they Unfolded Before Before They There Before The Content Before The World Okay Joseph So Joyce Maintains That The Process Was Followed Methodically The Numbers Are Right There Is Integrity In The Result You’re Just Bad Losers No No That Is Not True And This Was Very public That The Process Up To Voting Went On Very Well People In Okie Would For Long And People Avoided In An Orderly Manner That’s The Easy Base When It Came To Transmission of Results That That Is Where The Problem Is and I Will Tell You In Some Places Polls Closed At Five O’clock In The Afternoon And By Seven Minutes Past Five You Have Results Streaming When Would They Have Counted You Know When Would They Have Counted With Dick Would With Controls close At Five And Seven Minutes Later You Have Results I Have A Constituency In Western Kenya Where Even The returning Officer Told Me She Was Shocked Because She Could See The Results Of Her Constituency On Television Screens But She Had Not Yet announced The Results So The Problem Is Was Not With The Process Of Voting the Election Was Stolen Through Manipulation Of Transmission Of The System Of Transmitting Results And So they What We Are Seeing What What Joyce Is Calling Results Is Not Results For this Election Results For This Election Most Likely Read Odinga Would Release Them On Monday Based On The Opposition’s Styling System And Also Based On I A B C’s On Chavez But What You Are Seeing When Now What You Saw One Of Our Television Screens Those Were Not Results Even The Chairman Of The Interim ie BCC Said As Much He Said That He Would Wait Until He Gets Results From The Forms That On Which Constituencies Record Results All Right He Didn’t Follow Up On His Own Promise You Don’t Go That Night On These Fake Numbers All Right Iran Go From Where You’re Sitting Having Observed This And This Is The sixth Presidential Election In Kenya Since 1992 Why Are They Always So Bitter why They Always Contested And Why Do They Always End Up With People Losing their Lives I Think I Think To Be Fair the You Know Elections Have Always Been I Guess What You Call Vigorous Competitions For Political Power The Last Two Elections Have Probably Been The Most Controversial The One That Was Them Clearly Infamous Was The 2007 Election But Also The 2013 Election Was Equally Controversial Even If It Did Not Lead To The Loss Of Life That We Saw In 2000 And 2007 But I Think What We Really need To Recognize This Moment Is That You Know NASA Had A Legitimate Grievance at The Time That They Were Complaining About The Transmission Of The Results Without The Accompanying Form 34s And bees And I Think It Was Correct For Them To Argue That The Process Needed To Immediately Be Verifiable By Access To those Forms Those Forms Were Then Made available And I Sat In The Italian Center For Four Days Alongside The Presidential Agents And I Watched Them go Through That Process And After Four Days Of Essentially Verification And Cross-checking From The Ground Level Up To The Tallying Center To Be Honest Neither The Political Parties Nor The International Observers Nor The National Observers Have Been Able To Demonstrate That There Were Significant Variances Or Differences In The Form 34 That Had Been Signed By Their Own Party Agents And What Was Being Transmitted So I Think We Have To Say On The Basis Of That Alone That The Election Results Were Credible And Until NASA Can Demonstrate That There Has Been A I Guess I Would Call A Manipulation Of Those Figures My View Is That The Result that We Had Last Night Is Probably The correct Result Now On The Issues Of their Rigging And I Guess What You’d Call Kind Of Digital Malpractice And Cyber Insecurity I Think This Is Yet To Be Demonstrated And One Of The Concerns That I Have Is The Demand That Was Made Just Before The Announcement By NASA that The IBC Must Declare The Honorable Right Honourable By Loading Of The president And The Fact That The They Continue To Maintain That On Tuesday They Will Do Not Announce That He Is In Fact The President I Think This Borders on Unconstitutionality And Is Not A Healthy Way Of Concluding This Process I Think The Position Of NASA Was Much Stronger When They Requested For The forum 34s And When They Received Them Having Verified Them And Not Being Able To Show The Significant Difference I Think At That Point It Would Have Been honorable To Concede The Election So Joseph The Onus Now Is Upon You And Your Coalition To Provide Evidence Incontrovertible Evidence Of What You Say Is Malfeasance In The Whole Process and Bearing In Mind The Responsibility With All Of The Leadership In Kenya Of Course Is The Protection Of Ordinary People At The Moment People Are dissatisfied And People Are Dying I Repeat This Because That Is The Bottom line Isn’t It People Are Losing Their Lives If I’m Not Just Losing Their Lives Or Dying As You’re Putting It They’re Being Killed By Police The People Who Are Going Out In The Streets To Demonstrate Are Not Killing Each Other It’s The Police Who Are Shooting Them Dead So Because You Intervene Quickly With And Provide The Evidence That You’ve Been Challenged To Provide As Quickly As Possible The Longer There Is This Tense Standoff The More People Are Going To Die For Every Complaint That NASA Has Raised On NASA And Its Presidential Candidate Have Raised With The IABC Evidence Has Been Provided There’s No Complaint That I’ve Been Raised And Has been Raised On The Basis Of No Evidence and It’s We Don’t Have An Obligation To To Give This To Anybody Other Than The IABC For It To Take Action We’re Not In A Court Of Law In The Coming You Know 12 To 24 Hour Us At NASA Will Now Provide Comprehensive Evidence Now To The Kenyan Public For Whom This And From Whom This Election Was Was Stolen So We Hear Those people Who Are Saying That We Should Have Provided This To The To The Media to Observe As We Think They Are Wrong When The Media Began To Play Along In This Game We Went And They Were Saying that You Know We Do Not Have A Tanning center We Went And Showed Them One Of our Tanning Centers And They Saw The Operation And They Could Confirm That We Are Doing A Very Systematic Job Receiving Forms From All Over Across The country And Very Systematically Telling Them To See The Actual Results Of This Election So There Is Evidence And Ie BC Has Been Provided With That Evidence choice Coming To You Embalm At County Ultimately This Is About The The People’s Faith And Confidence In The result Of The Election So Clearly You Have The Supporters Of The Opposition NASA Coalition At Least 40% Of Of Of The Country Who Don’t Have Faith In The Election Result What Exactly Would You Do Propose To Do In Order To Allay Their Fears That Their Votes Have Been Stolen I Think At This Point Really There That Can Be Done Is To Really Get This get These People To Calm Down And That You Know Stop This And Process And Demonstrations Because Now We Are losing Lives For Really No Apparent Reason So For Me I Mean That Process And This Evidence That We Really Are Asking For Is Needs To Come Out Very Quickly Because Everybody Has Been Say You Said You Wanted The Form 34 And We They Were Provided And These Are Forms Forty Forty Thousand Of Them Were Provided From Every Single Morning Center In The country So You Have The Hard Copies Of What The Results Coming From Their Polling Centers And You Have What Was provided Digitally And Both Of Them Tally There Is No Difference Between You know Between The Two And Therefore The Results That Have Been Given You Know You Cannot Be Anything Other Than The True Results Of Aware Of This Election That The Guru Can Utter Did Win The elections And It’s Very Interesting because How Is It That We We Have I Think So Much At Fault With The Presidential Tandy And Yet We Are Very Quick To Accept All The Others All The way To The Members Of Parliament To The governors To The Senators And Yet The Process Was The Same And They The Timing That Was Big Than Was Being Done All Of It At The Coating Centers So For Me How Do You Like To Add As A NASA Coalition That This Country Belongs To All Of Us you Must You Know Must Accept That The jubilee Equation Have Won Any Behalf All Today And I Know What Has Been Happening really The Last Two Elections I’ve Been Very Competitive And You Can See Even the Numbers Are Very Okay Alright So Now you To Reach Out To Each Other Thank You I Think That We’ve Got A Very Clear Idea of Both Of These Opposing Points Of View In Dongle Coming To You With The Final Thought For This Program Here On al-jazeera Whilst The Two Sides Are Squabbling What Kind Of Damage Is Being Done To Society In Kenya How Far Away To Put It Another Way Is Kenya From The Terrible Scenes The Appalling Violence Of 2007 2008 I Don’t Think There Any Signs That We Will Go To The State That We Were In In 2008 Because I Think The Maturity Of The NASA Leadership And The Doobly Leadership Will Pull Us Back From That process I I Like To Be Hopeful That This Is The Case And We Must Remember That In 2008 We Really Saw You Know Over A Thousand Lives Lost Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Displaced But That Affected Five Provinces Several Tens Of their Counties As We Now Call Them whereas In This Case What We Are Seeing Essentially Is Two Counties And Two Or three Wards That Are Affected By This and This Is Not To Minimize The Loss Of Life I Think As We’ve Said They May Be Up To 30 Lives That Have Been Lost In The Last Day Or So And One Life Is Just one Life To Many So I Do Hope That This Resolute Resolution Will Come Quickly I Do Hope That NASA Will Focus Itself On A legal Petition Or Any Other Nonviolent Path To Press Its Own Case And I You Know I Do Hold Out To The Colleagues that They Are Mature And That They Are Responsible Under This Is The Path That they Will Take And I Know That Even As we Speak Now There Are Press Conferences Taking Place Where NASA Is Engaging The Nation In Its Point Of View And I Hope Dialogue Will Come To Prevail Over Violent Demonstrations And Provocation that Might Lead Our A Loss Security Our Law And Security Forces To Cause Further Loss Of Life And The Real Problem In Kenya Oh Dong Goo Is The Fact That The Ethnic Divides If You Like The Fault Lines In Kenyan Society Are Those Of ethnicity That Come To The Fore And Are Exploited By Political Tensions Well Like All Modern Democracies We Have Several Fault Lines And I You Know Identity Is One Of Them And Ethnicity For Us Is The Key Issue But No More Different The United States Of America For Example With Racism We Also Have Class Inequalities And Geographical Inequalities And All Of Those Really come Into The You Know Into This Moment With A Moment Of Tension And Therefore Need To Be Managed Very Closely To Ensure That We Don’t Allow That Which Divides Us Or That That Separates Us Or The Distinguishes Us to Divide Us And Rather Than I Think As it’s Been Said By Both The Other Speakers As Kenyans Find A Kenyan Solution To This Problem That Hopefully Will Give Us More Confidence In Elections Going Forward All Right Can I Thank You All At This Point Then Joseph Sioux Mecca Talking To Us From Nairobi Joyce Lab Also Talking To Us From Bomb It County And Of Course From Iran GU Houghton Also In There A B Thank You All Very Much Indeed I’m Sure This Is A Conversation That We Could Have Continued For A Lot Longer Now If You Want To See That Program Again Anytime you Like You Can Go To The Website aljazeera.com Should You Want More Discussion As I’m Sure You Will You Can go To Our Facebook Page Facebook.com Forward Slash AJ Inside Story You Can Also Join The Conversation On Twitter Our Handle Is At AJ Inside Story I’m At Martine Dennis From The Whole Team Here In Doha Is Bye For Now [Music] You You

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