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German anti-litter campaign under fire for using Turkish names

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A German city’s campaign to encourage citizens to throw away their trash has angered the area’s Turkish community because it includes garbage bins that urge people with names such as ‘Mehmet’ and ‘Gülcan’ to pick up their litter.

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Detected Closed Captioning: a German Anti-litter Initiative Designed To Appeal To All In The Community Is facing A Backlash For Using Turkish Name Such As Mehmet And Gulch An Members Of The Turkish Community In The City Of Duesberg Where The Campaign Is Taking place Complain They’re Being Singled Out I Think It’s A Great Campaign It Will Be Nice To Find Your Own Name And It’s For people To Put The Garbage In The Garbage Cans And Not Leave It On The Street In goods Really Good Especially To Bianca they Encourage People In Cleaning Up After Themselves I’m Not Too Slowly Turn On The Street Or On The Drug [Applause] [Music] But One Local Politician And Member Of The Turkish Community Defending The Initiative Saying It’s Not Against Turks he Added He Also Didn’t Believe It Was An Act Of Exclusion Or An Act Of Discrimination We Also Spoke To A Member of The Alternative For Germany Party He Told Us A Lack Of Integration Could Be To Blame For The Backlash This Whole Issue Is Just A Symptom Of Failed Integration If You Feel That Your sidelines That You’re Being Racist discriminated Against You Easily Take offense Luckily The German Disposal Company Who Started This Initiative Brushed Off All Complaints And Carried On The Business As Usual It Was Just A Very Very Harmless Campaign I Should Say These Are things That Apply To All The People Who Live In That Area It Has Nothing To Do With Racism At All Then Again If You Want To Be Offended You Will Always Find something To Be Offended

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