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Charlottesville declares state of emergency over US far-right rally

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Fighting has broken out at a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia between right-wing protesters demonstrating against the removal of a Confederate-era statue from Emancipation Park, and counter demonstrators.

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Detected Closed Captioning: The Unite The Right Rally In The US state Of Virginia Has Turned Violent And To Find Out More We Can Now Cross Live To Our T Americas Alex Rubenstein Is There On The Ground Forest Hi There Alex So What Is Our Level Of Clashes Right Now And How Much Is The Police Involved well Most Of The Clashes Have Just Ended There Were About Four Major Brawls Between The Unite The Right Protesters And Various Anti Fog Groups And Black Lives Matter Groups There Were A Lot Of people I Saw A Lot Of People Covered In Blood Big Welts On Their Head A Lot Of Pepper Spray People Using Pepper Spray Not The Police A Lot Of Chemical Dispersals People Throwing Water Colors Any Kind Of Thing To Mess With The Other Side Where Local Authorities Prepared For Such A Large Influx Of Right-wing Movements You Think How Are The Locals Reacting Well Well So The Locals Are very Negative To It This Is A College town In Virginia And It’s Considered A Very Liberal Town For Virginia So they’re They’re Not Very Pleased With It From What I’ve Gathered My Hotel Concierge Actually Took The Day Off Today To Protest He Told Me So The Police Have Been Pretty Well Prepared I Think They Were Mostly Hands-off Last Night That Was Kind Of Dangerous Today They Were Much More Hands-on A State Of Emergency Was Declared About Ten Minutes ago well Can You Tell Us More About The background Of The Story Why Are They Protesting And Why They Classroom With One Another Give Us Some Context Please sure Well I Mean Since The Election Of Donald Trump There There’s Been A proliferation Of Of All Right Rallies So To Speak Unite The Right Is The Big Hashtag Campaign That They’re Going With They’re Touring The Country Right Now To Do These Berkeley’s One Place And I’m Sure Auntie Fought Is All Over The Country And Protesting Them Wherever They Are But Why Is This Particular Small City So Important To Them yeah So The City Voted To Remove A Statue Of The Confederate General Robert E Lee The There Was A Klan Rally Here Actually A Little Over A Month Ago That I Attended And They Were Also Protesting The Removal Of The Statue This Is The Same Thing That The Various Alt Right Groups Are Doing Here Today Under The Unite The Right Hash Tagging And Campaign Well Thanks For That Update I’m Sure We’ll Be Coming Back To You If More Clashes Do Break Out Between The Two Opposing Sides Thanks For That Update That Was A Alex Rubenstein From RT America Thank You Thank You

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