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Track Fire In Harlem Snarls Morning Commute

In Video by CBS New York

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

A fire on the track Monday morning left many commuters frightened and in some cases literally breathless. CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reports.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Commotion And Confusion Outside A Harlem Subway Station On 135th Street A Subway Rider Loaded Into An Ambulance Other Passengers Treated By Paramedics On The Street Some Given Oxygen Fire In The Train Station We All Had To Evacuate this After A Trash Fire On The Tracks Up in A Hundred 45th Street That Brought train Service To A Standstill This Morning For Thousands Of Riders On The ABC And D Lines The Lights Out On Some Trains No Air Conditioning Or electricity Along With The Scary Sight Dolores Hull Says She Was On The D Train as All This Was Happening That’s When she Says Some Of The Passengers Started to Panic Some Of Us Started Kicking And Banging To Open The Wing You Know To Keep The Window Out The Door So We Could get It Oh Hell Cuz It Was Like You Know People I Know Some People Got Sick They For Smoke Inhalation She Says Passengers Were Ultimately Escorted Out By Trained Personnel Onto The Platform The FDNY Says In All Nine People Were Treated For Smoke Inhalation by Late Morning Train Service Had Resumed With Extended Delays A Difficult Morning Though Some Say Trained Personnel Told Them What Was Going On And Did Their Best To Help It Was A Little Scary But They Try To Keep Us calm In A Statement The MTA Says It Is Reviewing What Happened And Apologized To Its Customers For The Quote Inconvenience Another Nightmare Commute On The Rails An Inconvenient Truth Scott Rapoport CBS 2 News And The MTA Says Train Service Was Disrupted For About two Hours

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