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Prospect Park Now Car-Free

In Video by CBS New York

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

Starting Monday. there are new rules of the road in one of the city’s biggest parks. CBS2’s Janelle Burrell reports.

Detected Closed Captioning: Outside The Entrance To Prospect Park Near Park Circle Do You Could Already See These Barricades In Place Near Each tribe Along With These Parks Enforcement Vehicles Forcing Drivers Around The Park Instead Of Cutting Through It Day One Of The Complete Vehicular Traffic Shutdown In Prospect Park And Catherine James And Her Daughter Leah Say They’re Onboard really Happy We’ve Done Long The Park for Many Years Even As A Driver I Always Even I’ve Always Chosen To Drive Around The Park It Makes It Easier To Like Go Places East Drive Which Have Been Open to Traffic Weekdays Between 7:00 And 9:00 A.m. A Shortcut Between Park Circle and Grand Army Plaza Now Closed Through September 11th It’s Part Of The City’s Effort To Make The Popular Park Safer For Pedestrians Runners Bikers And Equestrians To The Parks West Drive Was Closed To Vehicles Two Years Ago The Park Is Definitely Made For People And Not Not Automobiles So The Less Traffic As Far As Little Deal Still City Officials Say During The Summer During the Peak Of The Morning Commute Fewer Than 300 Vehicles Used East Drive compared To 400 On A Typical Fall Morning Meanwhile They Say Nearly 1,000 Pedestrians Joggers And Bikers Use The Park During That Same Period But Some Point To The Busy Surrounding Streets Which They Say Will Now Be Even Busier Without The Shortcut A Headache For Drivers Much Affect More Congestion that’s That’s The Problem Now They Got A drive Local To The Streets They’re Gonna Create Traffic And More Pollutions So If It’s Still Open For 2 3 Hours In The morning Just Let Traffic Through And Then Close It Back That Would Be Fair For Everyone Officials From The Department Of Transportation Say They Plan To Monitor this Pilot Program To See Whether It Has Any Significant Impact On Traffic And safety Reporting From Prospect Park Brooklyn Janelle Burrell CBS 2 News

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