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President Trump Pushes ‘Made In America’ Theme Of The Week

In Legal, Video by CBS New York

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

The president pushed American products at the White House Monday while continuing to defend his son over a meeting with a Russian lawyer. CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports.

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Detected Closed Captioning: a Focus On American-made Products At The White House Today This Fall The president Tweets About His Son Donald Jr CBS 2’s Dick Brennan Joins Us Now With today’s Developments Dick Well Christina Maurice The President Continues To defend His Son Over A Meeting With A Russian Lawyer And The White House Is Hoping The Controversial Meeting Doesn’t step On His Message Of The Week Made In America We’re Here Today To celebrate American Manufacturing And To Showcase The Amazing Products From All 50 States Made In The USA Remember The Old Days Used To Have Made In The USA the President Donned A Cowboy Hat To Help Kick Off What The White House Is Calling Made In America Week To Promote products Made In The US We Want To Build Create And Grow More Products In Our Country Using American Labor American Goods An American Grit But The White House Is Pushing Back At Critics Who Point Out That The President And His daughter Ivanka Have Companies That outsource Some Of Their Product Manufacturing Overseas Sean Spicer Telling Reporters In An Off-camera Briefing That It Sometimes Depends On the Product And What Manufacturing Is Available Here In Terms Of Scalability There’s Certain Things That That We May Not Have The Capacity To Do Here In Terms Of Having A Plan Or A Factory They Can Do It The President Was Also On Twitter Today defending His Son Donald Jr Over A Meeting He Took With A Russian Lawyer To Get Damaging Information On Hillary Clinton The President Tweeting Most Politicians Would Have Gone To A Meeting like The One Don Junior Attended In Order To Get Info On An Opponent That’s Politics At The Press Briefing Spicer Added This The President’s Made It Clear Through His Tweet And And There Was Nothing That As Far As We Know That Would Lead Anyone To Believe That That There Was Anything Except For A Discussion About Adoption The Majin Ski act But I Would Refer You Back To Council Now The Kremlin Banned The Adoption Of Russian Children By American Parents After The US Had Imposed Sanctions Against Some Russian Officials In The Meantime The President Sent Best Wishes to Senator John McCain Is Recovering From Surgery Due To A Blood Clot Any Vote On The Health Care Bill Will Be Delayed Until His Return Because As The President Said They Need His Vote Christine

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