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New Photos Reveal Scope of Damage to the USS Fitzgerald

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

The U.S. Navy has released new photos showing the damage caused to the USS Fitzgerald after it collided with a cargo ship last month.

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Detected Closed Captioning: The US Navy Has Released New Photos Showing The Damage Caused To The USS Fitzgerald After It Collided With A cargo Ship Last Month Resulting In The Deaths Of Seven US Sailors The Photos Taken While The Fitzgerald Was In Drydock Show Previously Unseen Damage To The Hull And Superstructure Of The Destroyer A Large Hole In The Hull Not Seen When The Ship Was In The Water Can be Seen Patched With Metal Plating And Large Steel Bars Investigators Determined That The Fitzgeralds Hull Was Twisted In The Collision Which Is Both Difficult To Fix And Could Affect The Long-term Viability Of The Hole The Collision Also Caused Extensive Damage To The Fitzgerald Superstructure And Radar Systems The Navy Is Currently Assessing Whether The Ship Can Be repaired In Japan Or Would Have To Be transported To The US For Repairs For United News International From Washington DC I’m Caitlin Mangum

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