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Dog, Good Samaritans Jump To The Rescue Of Baby Deer In Trouble

In Video by CBS New York

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

The name of the English golden retriever — named Storm — know’s he’s loyal and caring, but nothing prepared him for what he saw Sunday morning. CBS2’s Erin Logan reports.

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Detected Closed Captioning: was Trying To Save This Baby The Owner of This English Golden Retriever Named Storm Knows He’s Loyal And Caring But Sunday Morning Storm Really Surprised Him Just Like A Lifeguard Storm Just Plunged Into The Water Started Swimming Out To The Fawn And Then Grabbed The Dog Grabbed The Fawn By Her Neck And Started Swimming Into The Shore Mark Freely Recording This Video On His Morning Walk With Storm And His Other Dog Sarah Not Knowing What Would Come Next Good Boy Shore Bring Him In As Soon As The Fawn Reached The Shore Storm Followed It Laying Down Next To The Baby Deer And Then He Started Nudging It With His Nose And Then Started Pulling It To Make Sure It Was Gonna Be Okay I Guess really Immediately Called In The Experts To Check On The Fawn As Soon As They Started Walking The Beach He Says The Fawn Likely Spooked By The Dogs Went Right Back In The Water And That Begins Rescue Round Two This Time It Went Out Even Further Freely And Frank Florida Of Strong Island Rescue Both Waited In The Water Florida Says It Took About Eight Minutes And A Rope To Get A Hold Of The Fawn He Knew What Storm Went Through And Felt His Pain The Second Rescue Was A Lot Of Anxiety High High Reving Phone Calls He Credits The Difficult Part To His Partner Erica Could Sing She Ran About A Mile On The Beach To Help Out I Don’t think That I Could Have Done It Without The Help Of My Partner As Well At This Point I Had Come Out I Was Exhausted My Knee Was Blown Out I Had Collapse On The Beach So Could Singh Carried The Fawn Back To The Rescue Van She Says It Was Covered In Ticks And Had An Eye Injury But You Can See Now It’s Being Well taken Care Of Resting At An Area Animal rescue Until It Can Get Back On Its Feet in Port Jefferson Erin Logan CBS 2 News

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