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2 Beachgoers Struck By Patrol Vehicle In Long Beach

In Video by CBS New York

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Published on Jul 17, 2017

How did beach patrol miss people lying out in the sun? As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time. CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Beach Goers Are Astonished That The victim Survived And Are Recovering following What’s Described As A Freak Accident A Veteran Long Beach Police Officer In His Department Issued Four Wheel Drive SUV Partially Ran Over A 48 Year Old Man And His 36 Year Old Female Companion Lying On A Beach Blanket At Dusk He Just Didn’t See Them He Just Didn’t See Them It Was A Terrible Accident Witnesses Described What They Saw In This Social Media Post any Idea What Happened Victims Were Rushed Here Treated For Broken Bones And Bruises That Police Officer Himself David Walpole Was Admitted Suffering Shock He Was On Routine Patrol Making Sure All Swimmers Were Out Of The Water As Far As Police Vehicles Go They Should Probably Just Slow Down And And It’s Their responsibility To Not Run Over Somebody and We Said To Each Other I Hope They Were Cleaning The Beach I Hope They Can See Us It’s I Think It’s Dangerous It’s Just Very Sad Because They Had The The lanes For The Vehicles To Go By So I Don’t Know How That Happened You Know This Isn’t The First Time There Was Another Years Ago Back In 2010 A Long Beach Police Officer Made An Abrupt Turn In The Sand In His SUV And Hit A 43 year-old Sunbather Who Suffered A Fractured Spine Fortunately Injuries From This Incident Are Not As Significant But Was Speed A Factor [Music] or There’s A Full Investigation Ongoing we Have Spoken With The District Attorney’s Office

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